Educational Love Part 3

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This is the third part to my Educational Love quizes, so if you haven't taken the others, please do that, otherwise you will be totally lost and won't enjoy it!

You are a girl in middle school (8th grade) and some crazy stuff is happening. I'd like to sya hi to everyone befor the quiz begins. Thanks for the support!

Created by: Alex13writer
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  1. This is the third part of a series. If you haven't already, please take the others
  2. As a reminder, you were talking to Danny and he was about to say something
  3. "I .... am one of you protectors" Danny said. "My protectors? What the hell are those?" "It was no mistake that I tripped you on the bus, or that you bumped into Andrew in the halls, or Sam picked up your papers, or the only seat next to you was Brian, but umm, the whole broken fingers part," he gestures to your hand, "was a total accident. Sorry about that." "But what the hell is a protector?" You ask. "You are different ________ you are one of the only ones left from where we are from. I'll explain on the way home.
  4. As you walk home, Danny starts talking but you cut him off. "What are you protecting me from?" You ask. "I'll get to that in a minute but-" "No. Tell me now." You say in a harsh tone that startles both of you. "When the rest of us are here I'll tell you."
  5. You arrive at your house and you unlock the door, even though Danny lets himself in. Something seems to be bothering him, but you don't know what. As if theres something important to say that he can't. You ask him, "Danny. what's bothering you?" "It's nothing." he replies. You know something is bothering him, you can feel it, as if it is inside you too. "Danny, please tell me, I know there is something wrong." you say as you sit on the couch. "Look, I didn't plan on telling you but-" Just then Sam, Brian, and Andrew walked in your front door.
  6. "What are you all doing in my house?" "Look _______ I know that this is wierd but you will have to keep up. Okay? You are a very important person. All of us are the only ones left from our planet and we are here to protect you." Sam said. Brian continues. "You are one of us." "Why am I any more important than you guys?" you ask. Danny and Sam laugh. "Well if you must know," Sam says "without you, our race would die out." "What do you mean?" You say, really confused. They all look at you and laugh. With a touch of laughter, Danny says, "______ you are the only girl." "oh." You blush. Andrew cuts in. "That's why in the lunch room I didn't fight that bully. Because he wasn't one. He was a Paraphenielgian. If I had, It would have gotten to way too much for the public eye." "______," Brian says. "You are the last girl from the Saliestic race"
  7. As if in response to your thought, Danny says, "Yes ________, that means that since you are the last girl from our ENTIRE race, and we are the only others, we uh, well you, will kinda have to uhhh, choose one of us as uhhh" "WAIT. Stop there, that's enough!" You say. "That's a little more than I needed to know at the moment. Alright, let me start from the beginning. All five of us are the only ones left from our home planet, Salien. The Paraphenielgians are trying to get rid of me because I'm the only alien chic left and if I don't, you know, There will be no more Salienstic race. Am I right?" "Yes." They all say at once. "We're going to go, to let you process things and we'll talk tomorrow. Meet us at 138 Falcons Avenue. Okay? And go there first thing in the morning. It's way too dangerous at school." Brian says. They exit but Danny stays back. "I never finished. Before they came in, I wanted to tell you something that I didn't plan on saying. You have a gift _____ that pryed these words out of me. I'm in love with you."
  8. Time to go!
  9. PLease rate nd comment. I really need to know If I should keep writing!
  10. Bye everyone!

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