A Draco Malfoy love story (part 3)

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Ok, part three is here, I've stayed up late just so I could give it to you a day early, so you'd better like it!!! Hope you do. I secretly love making these. . .

Recap, Draco loves you. Harry has started staring at you. BOYS!!!! LOL. . . So this is about your fourth year adventures. Have fun and stay out of trouble.

Created by: gfh012
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  1. You get on the hogwarts express for your fourth year. You try to find a boy-free compartment. You finally do, without even looking at who is in the compartment, you settle into a seat. Then you look up to see you're sitting with Pansy Parkinson and Milicent Bulstrode. Pansy ignores you and continues what she was saying, "anyway, I think Draco is the most attractive boy in the world!" What do you do?
  2. You stay in the compartment. Once you get off the train, you get to the carriages. You are one of the last ones off the train, you see the last carriage is waiting for you, there is only one person on it, you groan. It's Draco. You sit down, he causually scoots a little closer to you. You roll your eyes, lean back and close your eyes. You can hear him scooting closer again, "I may not have my eyes open, but I can still hear you Draco." You say. He practically jumps to the other side of the carriage. You smirk a smirk that could have Draco's. As you approach the school, Draco interupts the silence, "Umm, I kinda need to tell you something." He says in a voice that is nervous and un-Draco like, but at that moment, you get to Hogwarts. Draco jumps down, and offers his hand to help you down. You give him a look, and jump out beside him. You both walk into the great hall, and sit down at your tables. Draco smiles at you before he starts talking to the Slytherins. You return it with:
  3. You are on your way to your first hogsmead trip of the year, you really like the shrieking shack for some reason, so you start walking to it, as you keep walking, you see Draco.
  4. When you get back to hogwarts, Harry stops you, "Hey, um would you mind helping me with something?" He asks you. You reply:
  5. So you go with him and help him to time his broom practice. Afterward, he asks if you'd like to try flying on his firebolt, so you sit behind him and hold onto his waist as you fly faster than you thought brooms could go!
  6. So you didn't go, and you hear later on, he had been testing out his broom speed, and there are rumors that he has held hands with Cho Chang who had been flying with him instead of you. Do you wish you had gone?
  7. You hear about the yule ball, and know that both Draco and Harry are going to ask you to go, which on do you want to go with?
  8. Of course, you were right. Draco comes first, asking really boldly, "____, would you like to go to the ball with me?" "I'll have to think about it." you respond. Later the same day, Harry asks, "____ willyougototheballwithme?" YOu tell him the same thing. after not deciding, you hear Draco asked Pansy shortly after you, so you don't feel very bad about that. You also feel weird going with Harry, you know champions have to dance first. Your problem is fixed when a Durmstrang named Ivan asks you to go. You tell him you will. . . (TIME WARP!!!!) Ok, day of the ball, what do you do to get ready?
  9. You walk in, you see Draco staring, but you don't really care. He chose to go with Pansy! Anyway, you walk in, your dress flowing... wait, what does your dress look like? (closest to what you'd wear.)
  10. Ok, your ball adventure is about to start, stay tuned!

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