Harry or Draco? (a better one than most.)

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I hope you like this quiz, this was made quickly. I just felt like making a quiz so here it is. . . yup. . . dadada . . . I hate filling this thing!!!

Ok, so please no language or inappropriate material. This story is to see whether you love or hate Harry and Draco. I hope you enjoy.

Created by: gfh012

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  1. When you think of Hogwarts you think of:
  2. Draco and Harry are dueling. You:
  3. Harry has asked you to the ball, what do you do?
  4. Now Draco has asked you to the ball. You respond:
  5. in seventh year, you hear Voldemort's voice booming through the halls saying, "give Harry Potter to me, and no one will be hurt" (or something like that.) You notice Draco leaving, knowing he's going to try to get Harry the moment he leaves the room. you:
  6. Voldemort confronts you, telling you to be a deatheater or die. you:
  7. At the "end" you see Hagrid walking up holding Harry who appears to be dead. You think:
  8. So he's alive after all, everything is alright. You are given the choice not to complete your final year, do you continue?
  9. Ok this last question, the answer is obvious, but. . . Who do you like better?
  10. Ok, the REAL last question. did you like this quiz?

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