Hogwarts Love Story Pt.1

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Well, it is love what can you really say about it? It kills? It's wonderful? Everyone thinks differently. But Love + Hogwarts? You can only think one thing... AWESOME!

With many boys to choose from, but only one you will get. No it's not a riddle, it's just me filling in the second paragraph. Harry or Draco? Ron or the Twins? Oliver or Neville? You Choose!

Created by: fred4ever
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  1. Lets start at your third year, because 1st and 2nd year are really to young for this love stuff ( but at my school, half this stuff already happened in JK...)
  2. (Your at the "Gateway" to platform 9 3/4) Around you you see witchs and wizards going through platform 9 3/4 with their parents because the train is about to leave soon. "______, you're sure you will come home for Chritmas?" Your Mom says. "Yes Mom!" you laugh."I really neeed to get going, the train will leave any time now!" "Okay, don't forget to write! Make sure Fallowfeather knows where we live!" Your mom exclaims before you start to run off, " Yes mom, she does, she's a smart owl!" You exclaim back. "Bye Honey!" Your mom and dad call, "BYE!!"
  3. You smile and wave before you run through the walll to platform 9 3/4. The moment you get to the other side, you are surroundeed by other magical kids, ranging all seven years. You were so busy looking around for your friends, that you bump your cart into someone elses. As you turn around to say sorry, you see a boy with messy, jet black hair and round glasses. You know who that is!
  4. "Hi Harry have you seen ______ around lately? I really wanted to sit with him/them on the train?" You ask Harry. "Blod one arin't you? Ya I just saw _____ over there, See you at Hogwart!" (Now who where you and Harry talking about?)
  5. Harry rolled his cart away as you waved goodbye. You looked around for _____ but couldn't find him, maybe he was already on thee train... THE TRAIN!!! You almost forgot, you were to busy talking to Harry you almost forgot that that's what your hear to do, get on the train. As you run to get a good seat, you trip and fall flat on your face.
  6. "Watch where you're going!" a boy says that you are pretty sure is Draco Malfoy (you really don't know each other well yet) "Sorry.." You say. "What's your name?" He asks. " So your gonna be rude then ask me for an introdution, because that makes sense.." You say with a smriking tone. "Are you using attiude with me?" Kinda-Maybe-Malfoyish-Guy askes "So what if I am?" You repliy "How dare to talk to me like that!? Wait until my father hears about what this school is turning into!" He yells "Oh ya? Why do you think that Your father has so much power?" You say as you put your hands on your hips. "Well my father is Lucius Malfoy. That's why, and who is yours? May I ask?" He smirks a smile that you know for SURE is a Malfoy trade mark, smirk + Father's Name + Attitude = Draco Malfoy. "My father's name is Gregory Clemmons." You say. "Humm, my Father has mentioned that name before... I think they write each other often I belive." Malfoy looked at you with a curious gaze as if he was trying to figure something out about you. "What?" You say. "What did you say your name was again?" Draco asked "Well I never told you, so that's why you don't know." You say back. "Well I would like if you told me. If our Fathers are close, maybe we could be too." Your attitude softed. Or did it?
  7. "Call me _______, ________ Clemmons." You say anyways. Draco stared at you for a moment. "Would you like to sit with me on the train?" Draco shyly asks you. "Well okay, I can't find anyone else and would like to get to know you better, So... Let's Go!" You say as you take Malfoy by the arm and walk to the train. -Thoughts?
  8. As you walk in with Malfoy, you already see three other people sitting there. Malfoy introducses you to Crabe, Goyle and Pansy. Who was sitting so close to Malfoy, she was pretty much on his lap! Thoughts, are you jelous?
  9. It seems like them longest ride ever, but finally you get to Hogwarts and get off the train and see Harry,Ron,Neville,Fred,George,and Oliver. "Come ON _____,let's go, we want to eat!" Harry says. "Ya, I'm really STARVING." Agrees Ron. "So lets go then guys!!" You say as you get into a carrage. You tell Harry and Ron all about your run-in with Malfoy. What do you say?
  10. Last Words, What are they?

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