Before Harry Potter...Romance at Hogwarts Pt 3

Friendship,crushes, and everything mix up in this story, of you. You're just forming friendships mostly right now though you've treated people kindly enough that they've started to like you. Will you stay to the end, and find yourself and more relationships as you go on?

Many hearts will chase after you but which one will you choose? It's all up to you at Hogwarts... Hearts will be broken, and love may spring. From year 3 to 7 budding friendships may become love.

Created by: XxxKaliaxxX
  1. You open your eyes as you hear a subtle noise in your room. You were always a light sleeper, awaken by the slightest noise.You look over at your room mate's bed. Empty. She must be in the common room, studying you think.Sara was a book-worm, so smart she should have been in Ravenclaw but she was quite attractive with wavy brown hair and hazel eyes, and had a sense of humor. So what was that noise? You get up,throwing the blanket aside, and grab your wand. "______?" A soft voice calls out in the blackness. You say,"Lumos." You gasp and are about to scream when a hand clasps over your mouth, muffling your voice if you try to scream or anything of that sort.You squirm and drop your wand, the light shining onto the floor as you are cast into the darkness of the night once again. "Nox." The speaker said. The light from your wand disappeared too fast for you to see the speaker but it sounds like a guy though. "Muffliato." You hear a voice say as the person removes their warm hand from your mouth,confident no one will be able to hear you and the person themselves over the buzzing noise the spell creates. Your thoughts:
  2. The person picks up your wand and hands it to you. That bloody new moon! The night was black as well, night. You pick up your wand, holding it near the person lighting up the stranger's face before whispering,"Lumos." Shock sparks in your eyes as you stare at the boy in front of you. "R-Remus?" You sputter in utter disbelief at why and how he was here. Remus gives you a cute half-smile though he looks exhausted with dark circles under his eyes. He seemed unusually pale as well and sickly. Suddenly, you remember how mad you are at Remus and remember that you're in your pajamas. The aqua blue pajamas were old but your favorite though you were sure you looked like an ugly mess. Your expression turned cross as Remus' smile faded. You folded your arms across your chest and sat down on the bed, refusing to look at him as you look down at the ground instead. "_______...." Remus said and you felt him sit down on the bed next to you. Still, you didn't look at him. He tilts your chin up with his hand gently and forces you to look at him. His tone was pleading,"Please.... forgive me for that _______. I'm honestly sorry that I didn't stop it, but James, Sirius, and Peter wouldn't listen even if I tried to stop them...." You realize he is right, though you do not say a word.
  3. "______?" Remus says, expecting an answer. "Well....Alright." You sigh in defeat and Remus grins, his eyes lighting up,making him look less tired and happier instead. "Remus why-" You are cut off as Remus wraps his arms around you,crushing you with strength you didn't know he had. "R-Remus! Choking!" He releases you, and you gasp, your breathing turning back to normal and your heart racing a mile a minute. "Sorry." Remus said, rubbing the back on his head with his hand sheepishly. You smile and he says,"What did you want to ask me?" You hesitate, eyes flicking over his face. He seem weary and looked like he would collapse any time now. "Nothing Remus. Forget about it..... You look like you need some sleep or you'll fall asleep in History of Magic tomorrow." Remus chuckled and joked,"History of Magic was always the most boring subject and Professor Binns isn't exactly exciting." You shoved him playfully, and he got up, stretching as he headed out the door. "See you tomorrow ________." He says before departing,shutting the door behind him. You smile and say,"Nox." The light on your wand disappears as you lay down, pulling your blanket up to keep warm.
  4. You are awoken by a rough shaking. You moan and cover your head with the pillow. "5 more minutes Mum....." You say, your words muffled by the pillow. "Aguamenti!" A voice shouts, that certainly does not belong to your mother. A stream of icy cold water hits you and you scream, jumping out of the bed. You wipe the water out of your eyes with your sleeve. "Sara!" You yell at your room mate, glaring at her. Sara says,"You're late _______! You've got 10 minutes to get to class." You groan. Great. You were late and soaked in water. What a way to start the day.Could it get any worse?You stomp off to dry yourself off and to get changed, teeth chattering. You don't even comment on the advanced charm that Sara cast like you usually would.
  5. Apparently, it could get worse. You rush to every one of your classes, managing to mess up somehow in every class,seeing how distracted you were from this morning. Sara tries to help you but fails, as you seem too skittish and panicked. Fate is so cruel to you... Finally, you get to free period and sigh in relief. You don't think you got half the assignments. You sit down and start to work on your essay for Defense Against the Dark Arts, or DADA. Half-way through you sigh, rubbing your temple. You brain was going to burst if you wrote one more word about the bloody Cruciatus Curse! You packed away your things and decided to take a walk outside, maybe near the Forbidden Forest. It wasn't as creepy as it was at night. You exit the castle and wander the grounds, letting your mind drift. You are snapped back to reality when you see Severus sitting under a tree. Your reaction:
  6. "Hi...." You mumble as he looks up, shocked to see you there. "_______! I-I didn't see you there." Severus stammered, quickly tucking what seemed like a book away into his black robes. You slide down next to him and cross your legs as your robes brush against his. He blushes, not saying anything an awkward silence in the air. You start to talk quickly, some of your words slurring together. "Today was such an awfuldaySeverus! Ididn'tgetasinglethingtheprofessers said and I messedupsobad! This morningI was awokenbygettingblastedwith REALLY coldwaterandIhatedit! AndthenI was lateandIdidn't get to eatbreakfastatall so I'm really hungry now!" As if to prove your point, your stomach rumbled. Severus hands you a piece of cornbread, which seemingly appeared out of nowhere and you eat it ravenously as he stares. You gulp the last morsel down,licking your lips. You say this and wipe your face with your sleeve:
  7. Severus nods, smiling slightly as he pulls out clumps of grass rather nervously. You rest your hand on top of his as his eyes widen. You say,"Stop pulling out the grass. I don't think they appreciate it." You smile slightly as he stops, and starts sputter something but you press a finger to his lips and he quiets. Severus took a sudden sharp intake of breath,black eyes widening considerably and seeming flabbergasted at the fact that your finger were on his lips. His burning gaze searched your body, as if examining you for the first time. You were sure he had flinched when you made contact with him. You smirked slightly,a smirk worthy of a Slytherin and he seemed even more surprised at the smirk then at your touch. A bell echoed through Hogwarts and the grounds as you gasped and shot up out of your comfortable position beneath the tree. "Shoot!" You cried out, whipping out your schedule to see that you had Potions with Gryffindors next. You groaned, seeing that you would be late once again. Severus gets up, looking at the castle in alarm. You both run to the castle, Severus slightly behind you as you burst into the castle and part ways. While running, robes flowing behind you, you call"See you later-" You break off, not sure what to call him. You finally say,:
  8. You rush into the Potions classroom, and open the door. Professor Slughorn looks up from his desk in surprise at your tardiness but excuses your lateness, since you did impress him yesterday. "Take the cauldron next to Mister Pettigrew, Miss _________." Relieved, you walk to the spot next to Peter. Peter smiles at you shyly, his watery eyes locked onto you. "We're making the Sleeping Draught." He whispered. You nod in thanks and grabbed the ingredients.
  9. You work in silence, adding the sprigs of lavender quickly. You hoped that it would turn out alright. You glanced over at Peter's cauldron, which was a blue color as he wiped sweat off his brow. He seemed to be failing miserably at the potion. You think:
  10. You turn back to your own potion, intent on making it perfectly. After about half an hour of stirring and dumping other ingredients into the cauldron, it is finally a bright shade of green. Smiling, you pour some into the vial and walk over to hand it to Professer Slughorn. He nodded appreciably at the potion. "Very good ________! One day, you could be a very skilled Potions master at Hogwarts!" He beamed and dismissed you. You walked back to your cauldron and emptied the rest of it with your wand, cleaning up everything. You see Peter pour the potion into the vial and you walk past him, ready to go to History of Magic but his elbow knocks over the cauldron and the remaining portion of the potion spills all over you. Your robes are soaked and you just stand, gaping as you feel tears starting to brim and a lump rose in your throat at the stares and snickers you were receiving especially James,Sirius, and Remus' stares. "I-I'm sorry ________!" Peter squeaked out,muttering a spell as he cleans up the rest of the potion from the floor and trying to dry your robes but they turned magenta instead. Blushing, you turn them back to black and dry them. The bell chimes,signaling the end of the period. Your thoughts:
  11. You grab your books, running out to History of Magic though you weren't especially excited to get to Professor Binns' class early, you wanted to get away from Potions and forget about it. When you reach Professor Binns class, you find a sear near the back and sit down quietly, being the first one here. Eventually everyone arrives and Professor Binns starts talking about a goblin rebellion. Eager to forget about Potions, you start scribbling notes down, intent on your work as the Professor drones on, floating near the front of the classroom. You could hear snores, telling you some students were napping and some students were whispering though Professor Binns didn't seem to notice. You sigh, putting down your quill. Not even History of Magic could make you forget about the incident. Finally, you look up from your notes and glance around the room,catching Remus' eye as he pretends to fall asleep. A small smile creeps onto your face at your inside joke from last night. Remus' smiles slightly, still looking a bit haggard. You look away and at Professor Binns again. You concentrate, or rather try to concentrate on the lecture but can't. You look down, seeing a piece of parchment that had been folded up. Scrawled on the front of it is your name. You think it's from:
  12. You open the folded piece of parchment quickly and scan it. It says, _________, Care to join me tomorrow night on a walk near the Black Lake? Don't worry I'll sneak you out and we won't get into any trouble. Don't be concerned. You're with the infamous, amazing, Sirius Black after all. Hope you accept the invitation. Never mind. Of course you will. Who would turn down me? Anyway, I'll meet you at your common room entrance at 12. Don't be late __________! -The amazing,awesome, and incredibly dashing Sirius Black Your thoughts on the note:
  13. Someone cleared their throat, or tried to. It sounded like someone was choking really. You look up to see Professor Binns floating in front of you and the rest of the class looking your way. Instantly, your face heats up in embarrassment as Professor Binns moaned,"Note passing in class? Detention tomorrow night with Hagrid for you Miss.________ and you too Mr.Black at 8 o'clock sharp." You glance at Sirius, who was grinning profoundly, looking extremely proud of himself. You look down as Professor Binns continued talking about the goblin rebellion like nothing had happened. You sneak another glance at Sirius again, still grinning as if he had win the Quidditch World Cup. You:
  14. The bell rings after what seemed like years of torture listening to the professor go on and on about the goblin rebellion. You trudged to the rest of your classes, thinking about detention with Sirius tomorrow. Finally you walk to dinner and approach the Great Hall when a voice calls out,"Oi! __________!" You turn around to see the infamous Marauders, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter. You say:
  15. James said,"Well that's what I wanted to talk to you about. If my sources are correct, then you have a Slug Club meeting tonight, as in right now. And you're late _________." With a gasp, you sprint away from the boys quickly, running to the Slug Club meet, not even bothering to ask why he had "˜sources' on you. You keep running, thinking about what a terrible day it was. The only good time you had today was:
  16. You burst into the room, hair flowing behind you like a whirlwind. Professor Slughorn looks up, stopping what seemed like a "˜exciting' tale about one of his former students. "Ah, Miss.__________. How nice of you to join us at last. Take the seat between Mr.Malfoy and Mr.Snape please, m'dear." You walked towards the seat and plopped down into the seat. Professor Slughorn offers you tea and you accept it graciously, holding the warm cup in your hands. Then, the professor launched back into the tale again,emphasizing important positions about the particular student that he was talking about. Severus gave you a half-smile and Lucius gives you a Malfoy worthy smirk. You smile back at:
  17. Sighing, you continued sipping your tea and eating some of the fancy butter cookies. Today, everything seemed to be going wrong. You listened to Professor Slughorn animatedly talk about another former student and Lucius rolled his eyes whispering to you,"It's more boring listening to him talk then History of Magic." You say:
  18. Finally, you were dismissed as Professor Slughorn didn't want you to be out after hours. He waved cheerfully and said,"Join me for the Christmas party!A special person will be coming in! One of my own former students!" You roll your eyes as you start to walk to back to your dormitory. Lucius strides past you,smirking as he says,"Good night to you ___________.I heard about your magenta robes by the way. You probably looked uglier then ever." Severus follows in tow, offering a shy smile as he walks after the older boy. You walk back to your dormitory, enjoying the peace and quiet that was rare though occasionally you could hear Peeves cackling somewhere and taunting students or possibly Filch. Smiling, you think of:
  19. Hello there my friends! I've finally finished Part 3! I know, it took me a while. It took me 8 pages while using the Pages application to finish the whole story! I hope you enjoyed it by the way. A hint, Part 4 will be thrill to write and I hope you'll enjoy it too since you're going to be going to detention in the Forbidden Forest with Sirius.... I'm zipping my lips now! No more spoiling the next part! Should I make a Christmas and New Years edition with a twist of Hogwarts in it? It will be a special edition of Before Harry Potter....Romance at Hogwarts. If you do agree then I'll release them the day before Christmas and New year's so you can get a feel for the two holidays. Anyway, tell me in the comments. Give me comments,suggestions on how to improve, ideas, rate,etc. Thank you guys! Well, that's pretty much it! Keep stalking the comments! I'll make shout-outs at times, telling you my progress on the next part! Keep the magic of Harry Potter alive!

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