Before Harry Potter...Romance at Hogwarts Pt 2

Things seem to be moving along at Hogwarts. Crushes arouse and you find yourself being the center of attention of many boy's. Be careful, for there will be heart-break as you know, life isn't always a smooth path and there is never a straight path.

Many hearts will chase after you but which one will you choose? It's all up to you at Hogwarts... Hearts will be broken, and love may spring. From year 3 to 8 budding friendships may become love.

Created by: XxxKaliaxxX
  1. You walk out of the Charms classroom and start to walk to your common room because your free period is next. Suddenly, you hear snickers and laughter from a large crowd down the hall. Students form a ring around others that you can't see from your position, being behind everyone. You push your way through the crowd muttering,"Excuse me..." Finally, you make your way to the front. James shouts,"Levicorpus!" And the next thing you see is a boy hanging upside down, as if held by an invisible force by the ankle. As a result, the boy's underwear was revealed as the crowd roared with laughter. Sirius and Peter smirk, as Remus stands by, not doing anything.Surprise,surprise. You recognize the boy as the boy who you bumped into after getting off the train and recall that he's in Slytherin. You rush in and yell,"Stop it!" Reluctantly James lets him down and you shield the boy as he pulls up his pants, his face burning. You glare at the boys. "How could you?! He's done nothing to you!" James opens his mouth to defend himself but you cut him off,"Nothing!" Sirius looks at you, a bit surprised at your reaction, Peter shuffles towards you, and Remus looks shame faced as he should. You shout at Remus,"And you! You didn't do anything to stop them! I thought you..." You falter and run away, tears streaming down your cheeks. Peter moves to follow you but Sirius stops him. You don't care anymore. The silent crowd parts for you as you run to:
  2. You run and sit down as silent tears stream down your cheeks. A sob escapes you as you cry,looking down at the ground. You hear someone approach but do not look up, figuring it is James or one of his friends. A hand hesitantly reaches down and touches your shoulder as the person sits down beside you. You look over at the person and find it is the boy who you bumped into after exiting the train. He pulls out a tissue and hands it to you. "T-Thanks." He stutters softly, as he gazes at you with his black eyes. You take the tissue and respond:
  3. He brushes his black hair out of the way of his face and says,"I'm Severus Snape." You respond,"I'm _________ _________." He nods,looking away from you. He obviously wasn't very good at communicating with people. You wipe away your tears and regain your composure."Thanks for the tissue." He says,"It was nothing...." You get up and head to Potions class. You enter the classroom, right on time as you choose to sit in a table in the back,far away from everyone else. Lucius, who is already there turns to smirk at you. You:
  4. James slides into the seat next to you. He smiles slightly, though his eyes are faraway. He seems to focus as Professer Slughorn comes in and says,"We will be making Wiggenweld today. This is a healing potion with the power to awaken a person from a magically-induced sleep." You nod and listen as he continues, waving his wand as the list of ingredients appear on the board. "You have till the end of the period. Begin!" You start to work, adding drops of moondew and Boom Berry juice. James said,"I heard this was used by a prince once to awaken a princess who had been given the Draught of Living Death by the Hag Leticia Somnolens. The prince put the potion to his lips and kissed the princess." He seemed to be hinting at something. You seem surprised the prankster knew of the story, as you did too. You:
  5. Soon enough, Potions is over and Professer Slughorn looks at your potion. "Perfect!" He cries out, startling you. "This is magnificent _____! One of the best I've seen." Lucius turns around and looks at you, frowning.You smirk at Lucius who seems unhappy you're gaining so much attention. Slughorn asks in a hushed tone,"Would you like to come to dinner with me and select other students?" Before you have time to respond he claps his hands. "Tomorrow at dinner time my dear! I'll see you then." You get up, gathering your things and exit the classroom, your smirk fading as Lucius sidles up to you and hisses in your ear,"See you at the Slug Club meet." You:
  6. Soon, it is time for dinner. You walk to the Great Hall alone but suddenly you hear footsteps behind you. You don't turn to see who it is but the footsteps draw nearer and nearer. "Hey." A voice appears by your side and you glance at the person. Gray eyes meet yours as you look at him in surprise. "S-Sirius?" You stutter,the surprise evident in your tone. Then, you:
  7. You near the Great Hall with Sirius and enter it, the candles ablaze as you feel the warmth hit you,searing through you as the light seems to make you glow. Sirius departs but before he does he says,"See you later,friend." He emphasized the word friend quite a bit. You look shocked but go to sit down at your table. You can feel numerous eyes on you but you decide you have to look at someone eventually. So, you turn to look at:
  8. After what seemed like ages, dinner is over and you walk briskly out of the Great Hall, wanting to avoid all of the boys, and get away from all of them. You just want to go to sleep and let yourself drift, getting away from everything in reality. No such luck. Peter is huffing as he catches up to you as you head to your room. "H-Hi ______!" He greets you. You:
  9. In the end, you have talked to Peter until you get to your common room and Peter leaves to go to his room. You walk up to your room, sighing as you change into your aqua blue pajamas and lay down on your bed. Your roommate isn't in bed yet so you decide to sleep. You close your eyes and pull the blanket up so you aren't cold. Soon, you drift into a dreamless sleep.
  10. I'm stopping it now. What do you think? Reply in the comments,give me feedback,ask questions,etc. Now, a sneak peak on the next part! Enjoy; You open your eyes as you hear a noise in your room. You look over at your room mate's bed. Empty. She must be in the common room, studying you think. So what is that noise? You get up,throwing the blanket aside, and grab your wand. "______?" A soft voice calls out in the blackness. You say,"Lumos." You gasp and are about to scream when a hand clasps over your mouth, muffling your voice if you try to scream.You squirm and drop your wand, the light disappearing from it quickly as you are cast into the darkness of the night once again.The light from your wand disappeared too fast for you to have seen the speaker but it sounds like a male. "Muffliato." You hear a voice say as the person removes their warm hand from your mouth,confident no one will be able to hear you and the person themselves over the buzzing noise the spell creates.

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