Before Harry Potter.... Romance at Hogwarts

There are many males at Hogwarts for you to interact with in your 3rd year. This is a romance in the Wizarding World at the famous school called Hogwarts.

Many hearts will chase after you but which one will you choose? It's all up to you at Hogwarts... Hearts will be broken, and love may spring. From year 3 to 8 budding friendships may become love.

Created by: XxxKaliaxxX
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  1. Your first and second year at Hogwarts had flown by in a blur and you're in your third year. You get off the train alone, and walk but you bump into a thin boy with a sallow complexion, black hair, and black eyes. You:
  2. After the huge feast, you trip as the crowd swallows you. A hand reaches out toward you and you grasp it. A 3rd year boy with light brown hair smiles at you as he helps you up. "Are you alright?" You:
  3. Later, after almost being stepped on a cold voice said,"Watch where you walk girl. Next time, the only thing that'll be left of you will be just crushed bones." You respond:
  4. Fast forwarding to the next day, you just had Potions with Professor Slughorn. You learned to make the Shrinking Solution potion. When class is over your thoughts/feelings are:
  5. As you walk to your next class, 4 boys surround you. You look at them in surprise. The only one you recognize is the one from last night that helped you up. The boy says,"Hi ________! Nice to see you again." He seemed to notice the surprised look on your face and said,"Oh wait! I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Remus Lupin." Another 3rd year boy, who seemed to be the leader said,"I'm James Potter." He ruffled his black hair as he looks at you nonchalantly. Another boy,who was tall and had long black hair and gray eyes introduced himself,"Sirius Black." A slight smile was given to you. The last boy shuffled forward. He was quite short and had mousy brown hair. He stared at you with his small,watery eyes. "My name's P-P-Peter Pettigrew." He smiled timidly at you. They seem like the popular kids out of all the 3rd years. You immediately smile at:
  6. It's dinner now and you sit down at the table. You eat but your friend nudges you. "Hey _____. Peter is staring at you." You:
  7. When dinner is over you're about to head to your dorm when you see Lucius bullying a 1st year. You walk over and tap him on the shoulder. You:
  8. Lucius disregards you almost completely but he hesitates for a split second. James, walks over and glares at Lucius. "Hey, Lucius stop bothering people with your presence." Lucius glares at James but starts to walk away with his friends. James asked,"You alright ______?" He didn't look that concerned to be honest. You:
  9. As you walk to your common room you see Sirius walking as well. You're about to call out to him when a piece of parchment flutters out of his pocket. He keeps walking, not seeming to notice. You walk over and pick up the piece of parchment and read it. It seemed to be a conversation about an up-coming.... prank with James. They didn't mention the person by name though. Your reaction:
  10. Okay I'm stopping it there. What do you think of it?

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