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Your wait is over because *drum roll* Love Story in Hogwarts has began! Sorta... This is just so you get to know the characters a little. And in part two you become friends with... Not telling :P

Now you get to meet Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter, and maybe even Lucius Malfoy! Thanks to booklover412 and smf98 coming up with Tanner and Annalise!

Created by: Waterwood

  1. Excitement builds up inside you as you stand alone in the train station. You parents, who feared you would miss the train, sent you out half an hour earlier than needed. So now you are trying to entertain yourself by observing the few people who have arrived. You notice one girl in particular because she seems about your age. Her long, light brown hair covers most of her face, so you slowly walk up to her with your luggage cart. "Hello!" You say, trying to sound friendly. The girl looks up from a book that she, apparently, was reading, "Oh... hello." You both stare into space until you ask if she is exited for Hogwarts. Her face slightly lightens up as you say that, "Well, of coarse! My mother has refused to teach me magic until I go to school!" You giggle. Wizards and witches are usually homeschooled until they are 11 or 12.
  2. After you find out the girls name (which is Annalise Bellus) you see the Hogwarts Express pulling into the station. The wind blows your hair in your face as the magnificent machine makes a sudden stop. You gape in astonishment, the train looked do... unique! After making sure your bags are in the luggage cart, you grab your cat, Twilight, and hop aboard.
  3. The train was filled with chaos. But it was a pleasant chaos, an exiting one. Everyone was waving to their family through the windows. You, on the other hand, were still looking for a cabin that wasn't full of screaming children. You finally find a seat across from Annalise. She is scribbling something down in a notebook so you turn to the person next to you. He has very light brown hair and blue-grey eyes. "Hi," you say, "My name is __________." The boy looks at you, "I'm Remus Lupin. Are you a first year too?" So you and Remus talk for a while. It turns out that Remus is a bit nervous about going to a place where no one knows him. You wonder if he's just shy or if he has another reason, but you keep your mouth shut.
  4. You are walking with the rest of the first years now. You don't really remember getting of the train because the wave of students dragged you out. Most of the first years are already on the boats. You quickly run up to the lake and leap into the nearest boats. The two boys who were already sitting there grabbed for the sides of the boat for their dear lives. You just plop yourself down and wait for everyone else to get themselves organized. "How lady-like," says the boy with brown hair and sharp, arrogant-looking eyes. "Pleasure to meet you too," you say sarcastically, "I'm ________." The boy shakes your hand, "James Potter," then he gestures to the boy sitting next to him, "and this is Sirius Black." Sirius just nods and goes back to staring at the lake. He has curly black, no brown, hair and blue eyes. You despise to stare at the lake too and find yourself wondering, 'Is is true?' you think, 'Do mermaids live here deep in the lake?" Your thoughts are interrupted by many awes and gasps. There, right in front of you, stood the largest castle you have ever seen. Hogwarts.
  5. You are standing in the Great Hall now, standing somewhere in the middle of a long line of first years. Finally the Sorting Hat was placed onto a stool at the front of the hall. Names started being called. "Bellus, Annalise!" Anna walked forwards and placed the hat on her head. After a moment the Sorting Hat called out, "Ravenclaw!" The Ravenclaw table cheers as Annalise sits down with them. More names were called out then you heard, "Lupin, Remus!" He sat on the stool and put on the hat. It didn't take as long as Anna for the Sorting Hat to yell, "Gryffindor!" More cheering and screaming. Then the rude Potter was sorted into Gryffindor. And surprisingly Sirius was also sorted into Gryffindor. Then your name was called out. You take a deep breath and strode to the stool, sit down, and put on the Sorting Hat...
  6. It took exactly two short seconds for the Sorting Hat to shout, "Slytherin!" You feel the weight lift from your shoulders as your walk to a cheering Slytherin table. You sit next to a boy with wavy brown hair and thick, long eyelashes. "Welcome to Slytherin," he half smirks, half smiles, "I'm Tanner Hastings." Tanner is interrupted by a boy with long, bleach-blonde hair and grey eyes, "Tanner, hope your not being too friendly to a first year?" You let out a chuckle. "What?" the boy asks sharply. You can't help it and start laughing. Why? Because you think that guy looks like a girl! The boy begins to stand up until Tanner says, "Come on, Lucius, it's not worth it."
  7. So yup, that introduces most of the characters. Now you are ready for year 2! :D
  8. The first two parts/years are there just so you can get an idea about the characters and your friendship, so sorry if you find short and boring.
  9. But don't worry! At part/year 3 you'll start having greater emotions for everyone and everyone will feel different about you... So stay tuned!
  10. So please rate and comment! Just for fun!

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