A Hogwarts Love Story

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As you enter your third year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, things are finally looking up for you. With the agenda of meeting new friends, you meet five boys that seem to have one thing in common....

This quiz, Hogwarts love story is a self-indulgent good time, all the characters and such belong to Jk. Rowling, I'm just borrowing them for a bit!!!!

Created by: slytherinqueenss
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  1. ( for this part, the songs that set the mood are: Autumn leaves by Ed Sheeran, Story of my life by One Direction, and Tessa Violet On my Own, or, y'know, the harry potter soundtrack :) Its was your first day back from summer vacation. Hogwarts loomed in the distance. The castle glinted in the dark evening as you stepped of the train. Your first and second years were uneventful as possible. You had managed to grow close to some people, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger, Fred and George Weasley, and Luna Lovegood. However, as you entered your third year, you were determined to make more friends and socialize.
  2. You smoothed down your uniform and started the walk to the carriages. As you began to walk, you collided straight into someone. you and the stranger topple to the platform. While you tried to gather your wits, a snide voice speaks from the form beneath you. "Excuse you, but you appear to be sitting on my lungs and i'll need those," Of all people, you walked right into Draco Malfoy! you respond:
  3. You quickly stood up and fixed your >H/C< hair, while Draco groaned and got to his feet. As he rose, you can't help but notice how his blonde hair glinted in the warm lantern light, and the way his posture carried a confident and cool air, you looked into his sharp grey eyes and couldn't help but think:
  4. Draco surveyed you and rolled his eyes with a small smirk before turning and leaving. you stood there, a little shocked and flustered. you tried to summon words, but couldn't get anything out due to your
  5. You manage to make it to the carriages without further embarrassment. You share a carriage with your close friend, Neville. "Hi Y/n! how was your summer?" Neville's enthusiasm helps you forget the incident on the platform. "It was alright, didn't do too much travelling or anything, what about you?" Neville launched into a recap of his summer while you thought to yourself:
  6. The carriages arrived at the castle. You spotted the Weasley twins just as Neville bid you a quick goodbye and set off for the great hall. "Hey, Y/n!" Fred called to you as you made your way past the other students. "Long time no see, Y/n!" George said to you while wrapping an arm around your shoulder. "I could say the same for you two fellas," you playfully punched George's side as he released you. "Ah, Y/n, you haven't met our Quidditch captain! Come on!" Fred grabbed your hand and pulled you forward. You couldn't help but groan, really, you could only listen to so much Quidditch in your life. You eventually conceded. "Ok, ok, I'll come," the twins cheered and pulled you forward.
  7. "Oh, Olly-kins! We want you to meet someone!" George hollered to a brown haired boy standing a ways away. "Y/n, this is our Captain, Oliver Wood." You smiled at Oliver, immediately captivated by his charming smile. "Oliver, this is our dear friend, Y/f/n Y/l/n. She cool when she's not beating is at wizard chess." You laugh and shake hands with Oliver, lingering at the warm touch. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Y/n." A Scottish accent greeted your ears. You think:
  8. "Please," you respond, "the pleasure is all mine." Your eyes locked with Oliver warm brown ones. At this point, the feast was about to begin. You excused yourself from the twins and Oliver, and you weaved your way into the Great Hall. As you seated yourself, Luna Lovegood, a friend of yours, wandered over to you. Before you spoke, Luna said in a wispy voice, "hello Y/n, I'm pleased to see you again. I don't mean to alarm you, it appears that those two boys over there are staring at you." You stuttered in response. "Luna, what? I don't under-," you swivel your head in the direction she nodded in. In the distance, Harry Potter quickly ducked his head, a wry smile on his lips, while Ronald Weasley turned bright red. You:
  9. Dumbledore spoke to the students and staff before the end of the feast. He explained the presence of the dementors, and the constant threat of Sirius Black. An eerie quiet fell upon the hall. As everyone stood to go to their common rooms, thoughts swirled in your head. From the events of the first day back, you could already tell, this year would be one to remember.
  10. So this is my first quiz! I hope you liked this, I'm only going to continue if I get enough feedback. Thank you to anyone who is even playing this quiz. Much love to you

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