Hogwarts Love Part 1

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It’s your Fourth Year at Hogwarts, and your meeting many new friends. Who knows, maybe will become more than just friends to you. Who will become YOUR Hogwarts Love?

Do you like Harry Potter romance? Look no further. This is a story about your fourth year, and all the cute and mysterious boys you encounter. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall for one of them.

Created by: yerawizardharry of Hogwarts Love Story
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  1. Welcome to my very first quiz!! It’s a love story!! Check me out on FanFiction(.)net in case you’re interested in other stories! My user is scaredpup! Enjoy!!!
  2. The smell of the train station was overwhelming as you clutched your baggage cart. Your owl was perched daintily in its cage, as you slowly pushed your cart up to the train. You turned around, grinning to your mom and dad. “I’m so glad I get to spend another year at my favorite school!”, you yell excitedly. Your parents chuckle and give you tight hugs and farewell kisses as your luggage is loaded onto the train. You wave goodbye as you hop onto the train, and you look into all the compartments to see if any of them are free. Sadly, none of them are, and you sigh with disappointment. You don’t know what to do, until you see someone gesture to you to come sit by them. You’re overwhelmed with relief as you slide open the thin glass door. “Hey! Thanks for sitting with us!” You smile as you close the door and spin around, only to truly realize who invited you over.
  3. You stare into a boy’s foresty green eyes, and he smiles warmly to you. “I’m Harry Potter, nice to meet you!” You’re shocked that Harry invited you to sit with him, as he’s super popular, and you’re just an average Hufflepuff. You blush shyly, and mumble, “Hullo... my name’s _____.” Harry beams at you and extends his hand, and you shake it awkwardly. “Hello! My name’s Ron!” You turn and are soon face-to-face with a tall red-head boy with freckles. He’s cute, and insanely confident, and you smile warmly to him as you shake his hand. “You know my name already. Nice to meet you!”
  4. “And I’m Hermione.” A bushy-haired girl with speckled brown eyes shakes your hand rapidly. You nod to her, and look around the compartment at everyone. Harry seems friendly, he keeps smiling to you, and Ron is blushing a lot when you catch him looking at you, but Hermione seems downright bored. She buries her face in a two-hundred page book, and flips through the pages like lightning. Most of the train ride is awkward silence, with occasional light conversation, but soon, a chill goes through the car. You look around anxiously, but Harry sighes and crosses his arms. “Death eaters. ‘Member them from the tournament?” Ron shivers and nods, Hermione puts down her finished book and nods slowly. “But Harry, they had the Dark Mark. The Death Eaters.” She finishes her sentence apprehensively, and looks away. Strangely, there was no one that boarded the train, despite the strange chill.
  5. The train finally arrives at Hogwarts, and you sit at your table alone. You shuffle your feet on the floor as you pick at you chicken, until Dumbledore announces to everyone that something special is happening. He first announces the arrival of a man who goes by Mad Eye Moody. He looked around the students with a flicker of disaster in his eye. You look away from him, creeped out, and then Dumbledore announces something more exciting. “This year is the Tri-Wizard Tournament!” Everyone whips around to look at him, and he explains that a person from each magical school will participate in risky events, and whoever places first will win the Tri-Wizard Cup, which stood in the middle of the room, a bright blue flame emitting from inside it. “Now, I would like to introduce the schools to you all!”
  6. “Everyone please welcome, the Beauxbatons!” After a few long seconds, blonde and brunette girls come twirling through the doors. They enchant the boys with their beauty, as almost every boy in the room is hooping and hollering to them. You turn and give some of them a dirty look, but they seem to ignore you, as the dainty girls twirl and backhand spring down through the Dining Hall. They take seats along the tables, mostly with Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. One girl shakes your hand, and sits next to you. “I’m Fleur Delacour, and you?” You smile eagerly, and shake her hand back. “I’m ____! Thank you so much for being my friend!” She grins happily, “Don’t mention it, ____.” The headmaster of their school takes her seat, and soon, Dumbledore announces the next school.
  7. “Please welcome, Durmstrang!” Very serious boys come stomping through the doors, banging staffs on the ground. You’re taken aback by their seriousness, but Slytherin is cheering as loud as they can for them, as the Slytherin girls sigh and bat their eyelashes at them. You chuckle at their strange behavior, and turn around, not bothering to look at the headmaster. You look over to spot a boy about two years older than you waving to you. You wave back, not knowing who he is, just that he sits at your table. He blushes a bit, and confidently looks away.
  8. You look around the room, first to Harry and Ron. They both are eating, but both look over to you and wave shyly. You giggle and look over to the Slytherin table. A blonde boy about your age is staring at you, but you brush it aside. You see the Gryffindor Quidditch captain smile to you, and finally, you see two adorable red-haired twins smile to you.
  9. It’s strange, everyone seems so deep in thought... like they’re planning something. You shrug mentally and continue to eat your chicken, when the Hufflepuff boy sits next to you. “Hey, my name’s Cedric Diggory. What’s your name?” You’re shocked that a boy as cute as him would even speak to you, so you accidentally let some sass loose. “I can’t hear you over all that confidence. But my name’s ____.” Cedric seems shocked that you acted like that, but he laughs. “Quite the tough one, are we?” He elbows you lightly, and you laugh along with him. “What year are you, Cedric?” “Oh, I’m in Year 5. What about you, ___?” You twirl your hair around your finger. “I’m in Year 4.” Cedric smiles and rustles your hair. “I got a little kid on my hands.” You give him a look, and he smiles to you again. “Oh, I completely forgot! Cedric, this is Fluer, my new friend. Fluer, this is Cedric, my new friend.” They both laugh and shake hands, and everything feels good.
  10. Omg I’m so sorry I have to end it there! But anyways guys, it’s almost Winter Break! EEEE!! I might not post as much, but I’ll try and get to it. Anyways, I FORGOT TO ADD A CEDRIC OPTION! I’m so sorry Cedric fans!! But, to make up for it, Part 2 will be out soon.

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