Hogwarts Forever

Welcome Tto Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Today is your first day, and already there are some people who would rather play with your feelings and hurt you than be your friend and vice versa.

Harry and Ron are sort of your friends already, and they want to introduce you to their other friends! Lucky you, I am sooo jealous right now! Well, I am proud of you. You have a third year as a friend! She'll take care of you, but watch out for Gia- she won't be so quick to offer you help. Keep that in mind for the rest of the year.

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  1. You wait impatiently as Madame Malkins measures your robes size. You see all sorts of witches and wizards in Diagon Alley, but only a few stand out to you: two tall, identical boys, laughing, and whispering to each other, and a boy, who looked around your age, trailing behind them. You,
  2. "_____! It's time to get your wand now!" Your mum stands outside Olivander's, tapping her foot. You thank Madame Malkins for doing so much, and hurry off after your mum. "Why can't we take a break and get ice cream?" you suggest. "After all, we spent all day shopping, right?" Your mother frowns. "______, I don't think that's such a good idea. You might be late for the train!" You peek inside the window to Olivander's and see a short, black haired boy in front of an old man, with a buch of discarded wands in front of the boy. You immediately want to
  3. You wave good-bye to your mother and father as th train begins ot move away from the station. You bring your head inside the carrige, and look at who's in ther with you. It's the black-haired boy from Olivander's and the redhead boy from earlier! You open you mouth, and say "-
  4. You make your way to your house table, and smile to a nice-looking boy older than you. You watch the rest of the sorting and hold your breath as Harry goes up and puts on the sorting hat. The hat yells "Griffindor!" and you can't help but feel slightly disappointed. You thought you had some sort of connection on the train ride, the same with Ron, who ended up in Griffindor with Harry. The boy sitting next you grins, and asks, "So, I heard you were in the same compartment as Harry Potter. Is that true?" Several heads turn your way, including Draco's even though he's with the Slytherins. The girl sitting accross from you smirks, and says to you, "I'll bet, from the way she's been staring at him, they snogged on the train ride. You feel heat rising to your cheeks and
  5. You stand up from your seat at the table and ram into
  6. "Hi I'm Lestellarza. You can call me Stella." You shake hands with Stella and smile."I'm-""Yes, I know who you are.Gia told me you were the one who was with Harry Potter on the Hogwarts Express.""What has she been sying about me now?"You groan."Don't worry about Gia,_____.I'll take care of the rumors for you."You lean back, relieved. "Besides,"Stella added,"it's nothing a little memory charm can't handle!"
  7. You stare at the dying logs of fire while the rest of your House(except for Stella)goes to bed."What's he like?"Stella blurts out.You glance up sharply."Who?""Harry Potter, who do you think?""Sorry,I was just thinking...never mind."You frown, and pull out your wand;"Oak and unicorn hair,best for transfiguration" you remember Olivander saying. Or did he say it was made from holly and dragon heartstring?You push that thought aside, and remember when you got it. He's nice, reserved, eager to please, and...he lives with Muggles." Stella gasped."No way!"You shrugged."That's what he said."Stella nods."So, you must have seen him in Diagon Alley, before you met on the train." You nod slowly. "Yes, but really, we met way before that."
  8. Congrats! You survived your first day at Hogwarts with a minimal amount of embarrassment! I'm sorry there isn't more, I'm a little new to this. Hope you enjoyed it, and that you'll take quiz 1.2(I'm going by the year as the first number, I'll see how it works out for now.)
  9. Kidding! Hahaha, you think you get rid of me, huh? Well, here's another couple, maybe you'll get to know Harry and Ron a little more on your second day.
  10. You wake up to find a snowy owl perched on a coat rack. Once she saw that you were awake, she dropped a letter in your lap and flew out the window. "Whozzit from?" Stella asked drowsily. You turn the parchment over, and find Harry's hasty signature."It's from Harry," you say in surprise. Stella was wide awake, and at your side in the wave of a wand. "Well don't just stare at it, read!" She commanded. You had no choice but to obey. After all, you were curious too. "Dear_____, I hope you had a good sleep, and you're very hungry, because Ron and I (and some other Griffindors) want you to come have breakfast with us this morning. See you in the Great Hall! Harry and Ron"

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