Which Harry Potter Character Suits You? (for girls)

Okay, this is a quiz about your ideal Hogwarts guy. Not necessarily for love! This is a role play quiz which is written as though you are at Hogwarts or attend Hogwarts in term time.

This was made by myself and a friend. For any Hogwarts lovers, my next part will be posted soon! Hope you enjoy the quiz, it took more time and effort Han the stories do!

Created by: vulturemonem
  1. Your boyfriend asks you out to dinner but you have plans with mates. Do you...?
  2. You invite your mates over so you...?
  3. You are in a relationship. Your ideal date is...?
  4. It's your boyfriends birthday. You would get them...?
  5. The school bully and his gang are staring at you. You...?
  6. Somebody you don't like asked you out. You...?
  7. Your crush asks your best friend out. She says yes. When she tells you, you...?
  8. If you wanted your relationship to come to an end you...?
  9. You are watching a quidditch match of Ravenclaw vs Slytherin. You want Ravenclaw to win because...?
  10. You get an anonymous love letter. You want it to be from...?
  11. Thank you for taking the quiz! Please drop a comment!

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter Character suits me? (for girls)