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  • i got fred/george but i am saying george because i like him more and fred dies.

    Platypus Nov 1 '14, 3:08PM
  • Which Harry Potter Character Suits You? (for girls)
    Your Result: Fred/George Weasley

    They are the jokers. They put their life into their shop. Sad? No such thing as sad in their world, just laughter. But maybe you could make them a little more...

    3%Ron Weasley

    3%Neville Longbottom

    3%Oliver Wood

    3%Harry Potter

    0%Draco Malfoy
    LOVE YOU GEORGE! I also like Fred but love George!

    edmundthejust May 26 '14, 1:18PM
  • E[no urls] I got Potter XD
    Cool quiz though!

    Waterwood Jan 19 '13, 1:07PM
  • Harry Potter...XD
    wierd. Hilarious.

    Note to self: write a letter to George, and tell him about this moment!

    Note #2: call Ron on his cell (I bought it for him shortly after our wedding-taught him how to use it-he still hasn't gotten the hang of it. XD)and tell him how much I love him.


    liz_king97 Dec 27 '12, 2:33PM
  • Brilliant quiz! This one was much better than some of the Harry Potter related quizes I've taken! (If you know what I mean. :-) I got Draco! :-)

    JessicaLestrange Nov 26 '12, 10:04AM
  • Yes, Harry!!

    Beatle Obsessed Oct 23 '12, 8:14PM
  • I'm a little surprised to get Harry!

    NeonHedgehog Oct 23 '12, 3:51PM
  • Awesome quiz. I got harry. I know i would get harry. I'm a female version of him in some sort of way. All the way this quiz rocks. Its so new and refreshing.

    Orange Fusion Oct 23 '12, 2:07PM

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