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  • Character Competition
    "OMG! I can't believe that I actually forgot about this! I'm sooooooooop sorry! Ok,, all of the entries were brilliant, so thank you so much ..."
  • Character Competition
    "Hi everyone! ;-) I need a new friend or companion for a character I have come up with. So, I would like you to make your character either a ..."
  • "My favorite is Loki, I tend to prefer the bad guys. :-)"
  • "I'm curious to know what people actually think of Slender. So, if you can, could you please let me know what you think of it, if you play it..."
  • "No, sadly that isn't my real surname. :-( I sort of wish that my surname was " de Fortunesa" because of Bertrand de Fortunesa from Young Dr..."
  • Young Dracula
    "I was curious to know how many people watch Young Dracula, and which characters seem to be the most popular. :-) My favourite character is B..."
  • "It's good to know what other people think of Draco. :-) I understand that not everyone likes him, but it's good to know that there are othe..."
  • "I was just curious to know what people (other than my friends) think about Draco Malfoy. He's one of my favourite Harry Potter characters, b..."
  • "I personally don't like Hermione or Harry that much either, I prefer Draco. :-)"
  • "DNA by Little Mix! :-)"
    "I really like Nicki Minaj's music! Most of it, anyway! :-)"
  • I need a new character.
    "Her name is Ember, she has long, fiery red hair, and icy-blue eyes. She is 5'7", her skin is unusually pale, and she always wears some form ..."
  • Best Actor and Actresses
    "Actor: Tom Felton Actress: Helena Bonham Carter"
  • "I saw that movie a while ago, it's not exactly one of my favourites..."
  • one word
    "Mysterious. ;-)"

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