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  • Character Competition
    "OMG! I can't believe that I actually forgot about this! I'm sooooooooop sorry! Ok,, all of the entries were brilliant, so thank you so much ..."
  • Character Competition
    "Hi everyone! ;-) I need a new friend or companion for a character I have come up with. So, I would like you to make your character either a ..."
  • "My favorite is Loki, I tend to prefer the bad guys. :-)"
  • Does anyone play Slender?
    "I'm curious to know what people actually think of Slender. So, if you can, could you please let me know what you think of it, if you play it..."
  • "No, sadly that isn't my real surname. :-( I sort of wish that my surname was " de Fortunesa" because of Bertrand de Fortunesa from Young Dr..."
  • Young Dracula
    "I was curious to know how many people watch Young Dracula, and which characters seem to be the most popular. :-) My favourite character is B..."
  • "It's good to know what other people think of Draco. :-) I understand that not everyone likes him, but it's good to know that there are othe..."
  • "I was just curious to know what people (other than my friends) think about Draco Malfoy. He's one of my favourite Harry Potter characters, b..."
  • "I personally don't like Hermione or Harry that much either, I prefer Draco. :-)"
  • "DNA by Little Mix! :-)"
    "I really like Nicki Minaj's music! Most of it, anyway! :-)"
  • I need a new character.
    "Her name is Ember, she has long, fiery red hair, and icy-blue eyes. She is 5'7", her skin is unusually pale, and she always wears some form ..."
  • Best Actor and Actresses
    "Actor: Tom Felton Actress: Helena Bonham Carter"
  • "I saw that movie a while ago, it's not exactly one of my favourites..."
  • one word
    "Mysterious. ;-)"

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