Hogwarts Love Story pt 2

The continuation of my Hogwarts Love Story quiz. This is my second quiz, so if it is rubbish DON'T HATE ME! If you haven't read the first part, this might not make sense, but it shouldn't be too bad.a

Thanks to all you inspirational people out there for helping me with this quiz! Your shout-out is at the end. Also, I know this is a really long quiz, but I needed to explain what happened to 'you' when you were five.

Created by: Bethany Clearwater
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  1. You were cradled in the arms of your older sister, Tylilah, waving goodbye to your parents as they went off on their anniversary date. When they were gone, Tylilah took you back inside and sat you down with the Muggle book your parents had charmed to make the pictures moved as the story was told. Tylilah made growley voices for the bears, and a sweet little simper for Goldey-Locks, which made you laugh. She finished the story and carried you off to bed, tucking you in and kissing you goodnight. "Sleep well, _____. See you in the morning." Tylilah said as she left the room, turning out the light.
  2. Suddenly, you're shaken awake by your sister. She looked terrified. "What is it? Something happen to mum and dad?" you asked, starting to tremble. "No. You need to hide. Now!" she urged. What's happening? You thought, running to the trap-door hidden in the floor of your wardrobe. Your sister cast a charm to unlock the bolt, and lifted the top. "Get in quick!" she hissed.
  3. You practically dive into the bunker, and Tylilah slams the top down. Suddenly you felt very alone, surrounded in darkness. You heard her cast a muffling charm that would prevent any noise escaping from the bunker. But you could still hear noise from OUTSIDE the bunker.
  4. There was an enormous BANG! and you felt the ground beneath your feet move. After the ringing in your ears faded, you managed to make out voices. At least a dozen of them. They were shouting, asking questions. There was one you recognised; Tylilah's. She was telling them that she didn't know anything, and you heard something about 'there being no one else here', and that 'mum and dad's youngest daughter had died at birth'. Then there was one voice that silenced all the others. One voice that sounded like venom in your brain, and ice through your heart. One voice that could belong to only one person on the entire planet. One voice that radiated pure evil. Voldemort's.
  5. Suddenly, everything closed in on you. This wasn't just some house-raid performed by wanna-be Death-Eaters. This was the real deal. Voldemort was in your house. And your sister was out there with him. Surrounded by Death-Eaters. "Are you sure your information is correct? This room seems more fit for a little girl, rather than a fifteen year old, such as yourself." Voldemort drawled. "When they found out my sister was dead, they were mortified. They kept her room just as it was when they planned to take her home." Tylilah lied. Even down in your bunker, you could feel the Dark Lord become angry. "Let's just see if you are telling the truth..." he spat. You gasped. He was going to try Legilimency! Your father had said the Dark Lord used it, which is why he had taught Tylilah to deflect it for the last four years. But she couldn't stand up to Voldemort... Could she? you thought desperately. An eerie silence fell over the room, as the struggle between the two minds commenced. After about five minutes, you heard a gasp, and you realised it had come from Voldemort. She HAD beaten him! You silently celebrated, huddled at the bottom of your bunker. "You insolent BRAT! How DARE you! It's time you learned a lesson or two..." Voldemort spat. You stopped cheering in a heartbeat. Your heart filled you with more dread than the thought of the Dark Lord finding you. "No..." you whispered.
  6. "AVARDA KEDAVRA!!!!" "NOOO!!!!" you howled as you threw yourself against the top of your bunker. No... No, no, NO!! This CAN'T be happening. I'm just having a nightmare... Surely? your head screamed. But you knew it was all too real. You heard a dull thud, and you felt sick. Hot tears poured down your face as you pounded on the trap door. But no one could hear you. You could make out startled gasps from the Death-Eaters. "My one and only Lord, what about the girl?" came a voice. You could practically HEAR the Dark Lord sneer. "We'll find her. She can't hide forever..." he glowered. And with that, they left. When the last one had gone, you shrieked for all you were worth. Begging for someone to find you. You screamed for your sister, but you knew it was no use...
  7. You woke with a start. You were on the train to Hogwarts. The light was on, the train was moving, and everything was fine. No it wasn't... You said to yourself. Then you noticed someone was saying your name. "Neville?..." you asked. He almost melted in relief. "Thank Merlin! You're okay! You've been unconsious for ten minutes." he explained. You looked around you. Draco was still beside you. Apparently he passed out too. He was flinching and twiching like crazy. What in the name of Merlin was going on? your brain shrieked. "_____? ______! Are you alright?" Neville shouted. You looked into his deep, hazel brown eyes, and something inside you snapped. "No..." you addmitted. You burst into tears, caving in. Suddenly, you were aware of arms around you, bt you didn't care anymore. You just felt so hopelessly alone...
  8. "Shh... It's okay. I'm here..." Neville said quietly, putting his arms around you. You just sat there, sniffling and hiccuping. When you finally stopped, he pulled you to your feet. "Do you want to talk about it?" he asked. You thought hard about whether to trust Neville. "Yes... But not right now." you explained. Neville nodded. That's what was so great about having a friiend like him. He just GOT things that some people just wouldn't understand. "Thanks..." you said simply.
  9. Just then, Draco let out a yelp, and he shot up, eyes wide and full of fear. Alerted by the noise, people from a nearby compartment rushed in to see what was wrong. "What's the matter? Malfoy being Malfoy again?" Ron demanded. You had forgotten how headstrong he was. "It's none of your business, Weasel! Blood-traitors like you should keep their noses to themselves." Draco spat, having regained his cold, arrogant, school bully exterior. "You shut your mouth Malfoy!" Harry yelled. Draco scoffed. "Or what? Pot-Head will use that thick skull of his to pummel me?" he taunted. Harry was just about to cast a nasty hex at Draco when you stepped in between them.
  10. "HEY! Stop it, guys!" you yelled, glaring at both parties. "Why? Malfoy-" Ron started, but you cut him off. "-Did nothing. He has been unconscious for the last ten minutes. He only just woke up!" Harry looked at you, and he noticed your face was streaked with tears. "______, are you alright?" He asked, causing everyone else to notice that you had been crying. Oh, Merlin's pants!! You thought. Now they're all going to be asking! "Oh, nothing... I'm fine really!" You said unconvincingly. But no one pushed the matter. "Okay, I think we better get back to our compartments now. The train will be at Hogwarts soon." Neville spoke up, shooing Harry and Ron away. You were soon left on your own with Draco. He looked at you with a puzzled expression, as if he were trying to figure you out. "What?" You snapped, getting annoyed. He shrugged, then left the compartment. You sighed, and gathered up your robes, and headed towards the toilets.
  11. "Hey, _____!" two voices called in unison. You smiled, only two people you knew did that... "Hey Fred! Hey George! How's it going?" You asked, whipping round to come face to face with two sets of red hair and cheeky blue eyes. "Not bad. Got into trouble with mum for pranking Percy. It's not our fault his revision notes got covered in goo..." George smiled. "What about you?" Fred asked, grinning. "Okay, I guess..." you sighed. The smile fell from the Twins' faces. "_____, what's wrong?" they questioned. "I'll tell you at Hogwarts..." you told them, before dashing of to the toilets to get changed into your robes.
  12. Okay! I'm going to end it there. Sorry for the wait, but I was trying to get this chapter right and my laptop crashed! Sorry for the results, but I am RUBBISH at coming up with something to say for them, and I'm trying to find a style of writing them that works for me. Anyway, please rate and leave a comment on how I did!
  13. Also, shout-outs! Thanks to everyone who rated and commented on my last quiz, I love you guys! Thanks sooooo much! And shout-outs to Natuhleegayle, Vulturemonem, and Jessica Lestrange. Your quizzes are AMAZING and your simply inspirational. Thank you!!

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