A Hogwarts Love Triangle Part 2

This is a moving love story between a Ravenclaw and Slytherin. (Draco and you) It's a love triangle, though, because you have a lot of boys that like you.

You are a nice, protective, and slightly sassy Ravenclaw. Draco Malfoy is a bratty, protective, and confusing Slytherin. You'll see a different side of everyone, but this is a really sweet story. :)

Created by: NicoleMS
  1. The next day you get on the Hogwarts Express. Who do you sit with?
  2. So you end up sitting alone so you can read your book. However, only a few minutes later, someone opens the door to your compartment. It's Harry. "Hey Harry." You greet and put down your book. He comes in and sits next to you, a little closer than usual. "Hey _______." He says awkwardly. "So, um, I wanted to know if you heard about the whole Sirius Black thing?" He says. Yikes! That guy's scary! "Yeah, you're not gonna go after him or anything, right?" You ask. "Maybe." He replies. Your eyes almost pop out of your head. "What?! Harry you'd better be joking!" You exclaim protectively. He laughs and smiles. "Somebody cares a lot." You blush. "Of course I do."
  3. Later after arriving at Hogwarts, you and Ron are on your way to the Feast together when you notice Draco. Ron sees him too and growls. Then he grabs your hand and pulls you into the Great Hall. "What was that all about?" You ask. "Malfoy, I'm sick of him bothering you already." He replies. "I haven't talked to him yet though." You state and cross your arms. "Still." Then he walks off to his table at Gryffinor, while you sit at your table for Ravenclaw. You greet all of your friends and listen to Dumbledore's speech. Then the new years are sorted, and in your opinion, this is all boring. Your friend whispers to you out of the blue, however. "Malfoy's staring at you." She says. You casually look at the Slytherin table and sure enough, Draco smirks at you. Do you:
  4. After dinner, while heading to your dormentry, Draco blocks your path. "Hey _______." He says. "Hello Draco." You reply and try to walk around him. He laughs and blocks your path again. "Alright, whattcha need?" You ask. "I wanted to know if you can meet me by the lake tomorrow night?" OMG "Uh, yeah, sure. What time?" He smirks. "7 o'clock." "Kay, see you there." You walk off thinking.
  5. So the next morning you start school. Your first class is Divination. Professor Trelawney starts throwing around death predictions at Harry, which freaks you out and you send a look of precaution to Harry. When she predicts your future she says a feud and romance is involved. "Ooh, _______ might just get her first boyfriend!" Lavender teases. "Shut up." You reply. After Divination you go down to the dungeons for Double Potions, and just to your luck you get partnered with...
  6. Recap: So after Divination you go down to the dungeons for Double Potions, and just to your luck you get partnered with...Draco. He smirks and sits down next to you, then hands you a note from under the table and starts working on your potion. The note says: Excited? Don't tell anyone, you know how I feel about my reputation. Thanks [don't repeat that either ;) ] -Draco You smile and nod, before helping him on the potion.
  7. So this is as far as I've gotten. Sorry it's still not that long but I'm working on it. Thanks for all of your suggestions and comments, I read all of them and was considering them while I wrote this. Part 3 will be up within a few hours most likely
  8. Here's a teaser: "Do you like me?" He asked. Oh gosh... "Well, I, uh-" "Weasley?! What do you think Your doing here?!"
  9. So comment, leave suggestions, and tell your friends!! Thanks!!
  10. Byee!!

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