Hunger Games, Team Gale or Team Peeta

Have you read the Hunger Games Trilogy? It's an awesome series of books with the most intense love triangle. Many would say that it's a much better love triangle than Twilight (which I believe true). The triangle is made up of, Katniss Everdeen (the main character), Peeta Melark and Gale Hawthorne...

Are YOU routing for Gale or Peeta? If your wondering where destiny will take you? Will your brain go for Gale or Peeta even if you haven't read the trilogy you can take this quiz and see who your routing for!

Created by: Katniss Everdeen
  1. Survival or Hope?
  2. If there were 4 paths, 1 led to the sea 1 led to the woods, 1 led to the sunset and one led to victory which would you choose? Or would you turn around?
  3. If you had to choose either 59 or 389 which would it be.
  4. If you were in the Hunger Games would you make an alliance with Finnick?
  5. Would make an alliance with someone because they ...
  6. Would you enjoy torturing the people you hated?
  7. If you were on a date with someone special would you ...
  8. If 3 of you were trying to cross a city but a guard said that one of you must must stay behind to die would you...
  9. If your girlfriends best friend was about to die would you help save them?
  10. Would you rather...
  11. If you were to enter the Hunger Games for someone who would it be (basically who is most valuable to you)?
  12. Would you ever want to change your life forever by attempting to change your destiny, therefore possibly destroying a friendship or personal relationship?
  13. If you were picked for the Hunger Games, would you expect anyone to Volunteer for you?
  14. Would you enter the Hunger Games because you wanted to ...
  15. Orange or Red
  16. What place would you expect to die in, in the Hunger Games?
  17. Salt or pepper
  18. Light or Dark?
  19. M&M's or Skittles.
  20. If you had to sacrifice something for a reason you felt worthy of it what would it be?

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