A Hunger Games Story- Part Four

Here is chapter 4 for A Hunger Games Story! Yes I know you don't recognize the name but I created an account so I linked most of the chapters with my account! Enjoy!

Here is chapter 4 for A Hunger Games Story! Yes I know you don't recognize the name but I created an account so I linked most of the chapters with my account! Enjoy! P.S. Are you team Gale or team Trout? Post in the comments!

Created by: KatnissPeeta12
  1. I stood there, staring at Diamond. The cannon shoots twice for the boy from 4 and Diamond. I try holding back tears. But I can't. I sit down, hide my face in my hands and cry. I just plain cry. I lost my best friend.
  2. I bury her in flowers. I will find a way to make the capitol pay. Not just for Diamond but for EVERYONE lost in the Games. Because of the Capitol, I lost my best friend. And so many other people from all across Panem had the same happen to them. Except sometimes with cousins, brothers, sisters and boyfriends. I sit and wait for the hovercraft.
  3. I grab some twigs and use them to make some words for the Capitol. They say: "You have killed my best friend. Happy?". I want this to be the last Hunger Games there ever is. What happened to Gale? "GALE!!" I shout. "CLOVER!" he shouts back. I start running and I bump into him and Shimmer. "She's teaming up with us if that's ok with you." Gale says and I nod.
  4. When everyone falls asleep, I'm wide awake. I give Diamond the sign of district 12. You put three fingers to your lips then hold them up in the air. The anthem plays. I can't look at the sky so I run. Run into a cave until it's all over. They showed Diamonds picture to show that she's dead. They also showed Boy from 4's. I could tell cause only 2 people died today. When the anthem stops, I run back to the camp I set up with Shimmer and Gale. I climb a tree and go to sleep.
  5. When we wake up the nest day, we are surrounded by the girl and boy from 2, the other two from 1 and the girl from 6. Shimmer hops down from a tree with her knives. She does two summersaults and throws one at the girl from six, killing her. She also ends up killing both from 2 and the other boy from 1.
  6. That night, Thresh Templesmith announces something. "Attention all tributes! All of the current tributes have lived for two weeks! Now we are going to name the dead tributes. First we start with one and make our way to 12. For district 1 we have lost one tribute. District 2 lost two tributes today. District three Has lost all of it's tributes. District 4 has lost 2. District 6 has lost 2. District 9 has lost 1. District 11 as lost 2. And District 12 has lost only 1. Districts 8 and 10 have all of their tributes. I will give you guys a recap like this in two more weeks. There are 15 tributes dead, with only 33 remaining. Best of luck to all the remaining tributes!" says Thresh Templesmith.
  7. I start crying again after they say one is gone from District 12. When everyone is asleep, I go find water. When I find a lake, I sit down next to it. I start drinking from it and throw some rocks in it. "Hey um... Can you not pick rocks off my face?" a voice says. I grab my bow. I look down and I see some eyes open. "Hey there Clover!" the voice says... It's Trout. "It's a disguise." he says and I take it off of his face and help him up. "Thank you!" he says and I smile. "So where's Gale?" he asked. "Sleeping. He's just-" I say but get cut off by a cannon. Since it's night, they show the picture of the dead tribute... IT'S CATFISH!
  8. "Clover... He was my best friend." Trout says. "I know what your going through." I say and fall into a breakout of tears. I fall into his arms. "It will be ok.. Trust me." Trout says. I am getting mixed feelings...
  9. Trout and I go back to our camp. The next day when Shimmer and Gale wake up, I'm standing in front of them. "Meet our new team member." I say and Shimmer smiles. Gale gives off a jealous smile. That's when he kisses me.
  10. Did Gale just... KISS ME?!! When he stops, I give off a shocked look and so does Shimmer and Trout. "I'm sorry." Gale says, grabs his spear and runs off. "What was that?" I ask. Shimmer and Trout shrug. Well.. I guess I now have a boyfriend. No longer single pringle. I'm actually happy. I can now go visit District 1! I heard it's great!
  11. Shimmer goes off to find Gale and Trout and I secretly follow. When we spot Shimmer and Gale, we both hide somewhere and spy on them. "Shimmer, your hair really does Shimmer in the sun.., that's how you got your name." Gale says. "You love Clover, shut up."Shimmer says. Gale shakes his head. "I'm using her so I could live! She can so protect me! And if we get together, she can protect us!" Gale says and Shimmer holds her knife to his throat. "Keep talking, it will be your last words." Says Shimmer. Gale takes the knife and kisses Shimmer. Shimmer pulls away, slaps him and runs away. I can no longer trust anyone.

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