Which 75th hunger games tribute are you?

Welcome! Today you will be taking a test to see which 75th hunger games tribute you are. you must answer all ten questions, then you will get one of 10 tributes.

Are you like crazy Wiress? Smart Beetee? Weird Mags? Or strong Gloss? I don't know, but this quiz does! You could get your favorite, or least favorite tribute. You could even get one that is in the middle.

Created by: Hunger Games

  1. what is your gender?
  2. how old are you?
  3. are you strong?
  4. are you clever?
  5. what district do you like the most?
  6. the capitol or district 13?
  7. what weapon?
  8. are you happy?
  9. what animal are you most like?
  10. did you enjoy this?

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Quiz topic: Which 75th hunger games tribute am I?