Ultimate Hunger Games Quiz

Are you the Biggest Fangirl/Fanguy ever? Take this quiz to see if you would be a quiz victor! The fun thing about this quiz is nobody actually dies!!!

You will be entered strait into the arena, no training. Are you going to just be a piece in their games or are you gonna be District 3 smart? Tick Tock, hurry up and take the quiz!

Created by: Rylea

  1. Who does Katniss get the Mockingjay pin from
  2. How many people die in the 74th Annual Hunger Games
  3. What kind of eyes do people have in the Seam
  4. What does Katniss say to Peeta in the very end of the trilogy
  5. What district is Beetee and Wiress from
  6. District 10 produces what
  7. Does District 13 exist
  8. What time does the clock say when Katniss is hallucinating?
  9. Who doesn't die
  10. Finnick is
  11. Who has a drinking problem
  12. Who has a Morphling problems
  13. Who is the Hunger Games announcer
  14. Who gives Katniss their mashed turnips
  15. Prim's Goat
  16. Prim's cat
  17. Who is Cinna betting on
  18. Girl on _____
  19. Cinna is Katniss's
  20. Effie is Katniss's
  21. What is stronger than fear
  22. who gets captured by the capitol
  23. May the odds be ever in your ______
  24. Team
  25. how old is Mags
  26. What do you ship?
  27. Real or Not Real
  28. Panem is Split into
  29. how many
  30. Do we like President Snow
  31. Will you stay with me
  32. Johanna Mason said all but one, which one
  33. ?
  34. War, terrible war. Widows,______,a motherless child
  35. Katniss's mother worked in the
  36. Saw a few _______ on the way here.
  37. Are you a random person or an obsessed fangirl?

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