The Hunger Games Quiz

The Hunger Games is a Triology by Suzannne Collins. Every year the capitol makes the Hunger Games and children have to fight against each other until death.

Are you a Hunger Games expert? How well do you know the books? this quiz shows you if yo are an expert and a crazy nerdy fangirl or boy! Enjoy it now!

Created by: Clove Kentwell
  1. What is Katniss favorite color?
  2. From which District is Rue?
  3. Which Hunger Games won Finnick?
  4. Who kills President Snow?
  5. What is the color of Glimmer's eyes?
  6. Where do the rebels hide after Finnick died?
  7. Who killed Clove and who wanted to protect her?
  8. What did Rue said to Katniss as she died?
  9. Who did Mags volunteer for?
  10. Who gave Katniss the Mockingjay pin and died in the last book? (sorry, spoiler)
  11. How old is Finnick?
  12. Who is still alive after the last book? (only victors)
  13. Who killed Mags?
  14. Why did Peeta get a new leg?
  15. Who is the female tribute from 1 in Catching Fire?

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