Do You Know Your Hunger Games?

There are a lot of Hunger Games fans, but few true Hunger Games fans. What is a true Hunger Games fan? A true Hunger Games fan is a fan who has watched these movies and read the novels and knows what The Hunger Games is.

Do you know your Hunger Games?! Well let's find out! Take this awesome Hunger Games quiz and test your Hunger Games knowledge! Do YOU know your Hunger games?!

Created by: Kaitlyn A
  1. Who Wrote The Hunger Games?
  2. Who Plays Katniss Everdeen?
  3. What Is The First Sentence In The First Hunger Games Book?
  4. Who Plays Peeta Mellark?
  5. Who Were The Last Three Tributes Remaining?
  6. Which Weapon Does Katniss Use?
  7. What Were The Deadly Berries Called?
  8. Who Killed FoxFace?
  9. What Does Thresh Use To Kill Clove?
  10. Who Was Katniss's First Kill?
  11. What Order Do The Hunger Games Go In?
  12. Why Couldn't Katniss Step Off The Metal Pad When The Countdown Was Going?
  13. Who Is Katniss's And Peeta's Mentor?
  14. What District Do Katniss And Peeta Come From?
  15. What Does Katniss's And Peeta's District Stand For?
  16. When Did Hunger Games Catching Fire Come Out?
  17. What Is The Girls Name Who Teams Up With Katniss?
  18. Who Is Katniss's Best Friend?
  19. What Does Katniss's Best Friend Call Katniss?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my Hunger Games?