Are You A Hunger Games Book Whiz?

Do you know the Hunger Games trilogy like the back of your hand? If you've read all three books more than once, I bet you do! This quiz can help you find out for sure.

WARNING: SPOILERS. Do not take this quiz if you like the Hunger Games movies/books, but haven't finished them yet. I repeat, this quiz contains SPOILERS.

Created by: rhimicha

  1. On the first page of The Hunger Games, what color are Buttercup's eyes described as?
  2. In the games, during the the whole tracker jacker mayhem, what does Katniss see balloon too the size of a house, then shatter into a million stars?
  3. What was the name of the tribute who tried to cut Katniss's lips off?
  4. What did Katniss claim the sleep syrup was while she fed it to Peeta?
  5. How did foxface die?
  6. What is Katniss's favorite food from the capital?
  7. How does Catching Fire start?
  8. When someone holds their three middle fingers of their left hand to their lips, then extends it out to you, what does it mean?
  9. Which tribute, in Catching Fire, did Peeta comfort and stroke the hair of while they were dying?
  10. Who did Haymitch ally with in his own Hunger Games?
  11. Who is Cressida?
  12. What word did Katniss use to describe her relationship towards Johanna, in Mocking Jay?
  13. Why does Katniss kill President Coin?
  14. Why does President Snow smell like chemically altered roses and blood?
  15. After Peeta is hijacked, how can he tell the difference between the fake things, and the real things?
  16. Last but not least, have you read the whole Hunger Games trilogy?

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