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  • Anyone awake
    "It seems no one is here. I'll come back some other time. Maybe some of my old friends still wander on here. Who knows."
  • Anyone awake
    "Does that still happen these days? Or have the horndogs been banished?"
  • Anyone awake
    "Yoo I remember when I'd be on here on my thread late at night and there would be random newbies horndogging it up in a different thread. And..."
  • Anyone awake
    "How the f--- does my phone think I meant to type out develip4ed? I love samsung, but their autocorrect. Is f---ing s---."
  • Anyone awake
    "Critical thinking is not something one is born with. It's a skill to be develip4ed and practiced. Oh my god. I really am "
  • Anyone awake
    "Ooh ooh. I have 2 random thoughts I wanted to tell someone. 1. People keep saying how because a lot of people in the U.S. think"
  • Anyone awake
    "I remember when i came on using my DSi because it was the only site that loaded and had people on it Now I'm on here out of cho"
  • Anyone awake
    "Let's talk about anything. Frogs is a good place to start. There's 2 types of people in this world it seems. Those who think they're d"
  • my official thread
    "I voted"
  • "I can't remember if GTQ ever got fancy enough to delete threads but if it has, can any of you mods delete this thread for me? I kno it's loc..."
  • "Im ready to get hurt again though Its not like I can just not feel what I feel 😞 In order to prepare myself for"
  • "If there was a way I could start talking to him before that I honestly would but Im scared of texting now because of Donevan Sc"
  • "My crushs voice is really deep and handsome 😳 Damn I wish I could see him again sooner than August"
  • "Ill probably start crying"
  • "I also just wanna call Josiah to hear his voice and Thatd be a bad idea because if I hear his voice in real life again even if its over a ph..."

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