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The way that "Find The Wysteria" is played: There is only one best way out of each part. You want to try and pick the answers that seem most likely to lead that way. About This Quiz-Story: A rumor is spreading within your kingdom, that some magical being put an enchantment on a single Wysteria flower. Apparently, whoever eats the petals of the enchanted flower will gain immeasurable wealth and success. Not everyone believes this rumor, and most have disregarded it altogether. However, there are a select few who are very determined to find the Wysteria, no matter what it takes. This includes you.

Who You Are: You play as young girl who lives on a farm in the countryside with her parents. Your family is poor and your mother is bedridden. The illness she has is a rare one, although there is a cure. The problem is that since it's a rare elixir, it costs a fortune. It would take a lifetime to ever be able to afford it, and your mother appears to only have weeks. This is your motivation to find the Wysteria. The main love interest is Dawson, but don't worry, there are more guys later, and even some girls who can be your friends (or enemies). This is an ongoing quiz-story with adventure, romance, and mystery, intended for teenage girls. Note: Wherever _____ appears, it means you insert your own name in that spot.

Created by: rhimicha
  1. It's the night before you set out on your journey. You need to pack a few things. What do you take?
  2. What do you do before it's time to sneak out?
  3. You have made it out of the house and are walking along the road to town. It's going to be a while. About half way you start feeling weak. What do you do?
  4. Finally you've reached town! You are in the marketplace. There is a spicket here where you can take water for free, so you refill your bottle. The sun is rising and the merchants are setting up their stalls. While you are admiring all the things you can't afford, customers start pouring in and one of them runs into you, making you drop your bag. It's a big round lady who is now bawling you out for not looking where you're going. How do you react?
  5. People are looking at the lady and shaking their heads, so you are quite satisfied. But just as you're about to leave, she pulls you back and demands a proper apology! Just as you're tempted to pull out your weapon, a tall young man with electric blue eyes comes in between the two of you and patiently deals with the lady. She does not look happy. In fact, she looks embarrassed. Even so, she holds her head up high and scurries away to a different stall. The tall young man is looking down at you and smiling now. You can tell from his casual attire he's probably a commoner like you. Not a day older than 18. What do you do?
  6. Regardless of what you were about to do, it doesn't matter because he is faster. He holds out his hand and says, "My name is Dawson. You don't look like you're from around here. Have you come a long way?" Unsure of whether to trust him or not, you say, "I'm from this kingdom, just not this area. My name is _____." He walks alongside you while you both scan over all the interesting stalls. "Well, I'm pleased to make your acquaintance, _____."
  7. While walking along, Dawson and you both overhear gossip about the enchanted Wysteria. It's information you've never heard before, so your ears perk right up. Dawson notices this. "I heard that the magical being was a wizard. He took the Wysteria with him into the Northern Woods!" one merchant says. "No, it was demi-god who took it into the Northern Woods," another says. Dawson looks at you and smiles, "You seem interested." Deciding to tell him a little more, since he's a commoner and appears rather harmless, you say, "I am." He asks, "Why?" Not willing to share anything about your life yet, you say, "For wealth and success, of course." He laughs and adds, "Yeah, don't we all want those." On a whim, you blurt out, "Want to help me find the Wysteria?" Of course, you keep hushed enough to where only he can hear it.
  8. Dawson raises his eyebrows for a moment. "Are you serious? Is that where your heading?" he whispers. "Yes," you nod. "Do you want to help me or not? I'm leaving now." Dawson furrows his eyebrows in deep thought. "Why would I help you get rich and successful, without something in it for me, eh?"
  9. "We'll work something out on the way. Whoever gets it first has to share the wealth with the other 50%," you start. Of course, you're going to try to get it first. "But we need to go now if it really is in the Northern Woods." Dawson runs his fingers through his dark brown hair. "I suppose," he sighs, "if I have to go on an adventure, it might as well be with a cute girl." You try to refrain from blushing too much. From here on out, it looks like you two are partners.
  10. Dawson packs a satchel for himself before you officially start your trip. The problem is that he thinks you need more verdict on where the Wysteria might be. You both go from stall to stall, casually bringing it up as if it's a silly thing, and the merchants tell you about it, very entertained. Mostly all of them say it was brought to the Northern Woods. So that's where you and Dawson are going to go. The most dangerous place in this entire kingdom.
  11. While hiking through the Eastern Mountains, which is the first place you have to go through on your way to the Northern Woods, you get distracted by the sunset. Has time gone by that quickly already? If this keeps up, your mother... While drifting away in thought, you trip and fall down a landslide! Dawson is right ahead of you and hears you scream. You grasp onto anything you can, and end up hanging off a tree root. The bad part: it's not very strong! Dawson is yelling your name, and he's searching frantically for something to pull you up with. The root is about to break off and..... *SEE PART 2!* :D :D :D *No Effect*

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