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  • Whoo! I'm a heroine! *puffs chest out proudly* I found this to be quite enjoyable ^.^ Gotta love the attention put into the choices (AKA they were amusing). I always appreciate when people use that space for something constructive.

    That last paragraph though... darn it. Hah, I would totally get distracted by the sunset in real life as well.

  • @xxblutixx - Hehe, I'm glad you liked that! When I first started this, I was in a gaming mood xD So that is what influenced me.

    I think I would get distracted by it too... T_T haha

  • Please comment what you thought of the story! xD Was it fun?

  • PART 2 NOWWWW :D Hi lol. I made part 2 of Closer Together. I favorited ur user page on my DSI so i can find ur quizzes. Do da same 4 me :3 im making part3 now.


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