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This is part 5 of Find The Wysteria, a story quiz for girls. Last time, you had just met a suspicious old lady who wouldn't let you use her well. You also saw the flirty Lucia kiss Dawson. This part has little 'moments' with both Caldwell and Dawson. It also has some suspense and mystery. YOJNE. xD backwards.

Sorry if there were typos in the last part, especially in the last question. I think I said the wrong part numbers. I was really tired when I was typing it up, and kind of in a hurry. Maybe I'll correct them, I don't know. Lol. Okay, you can scroll down now. I think that's enough characters.

Created by: rhimicha

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  1. "Thank you, Dawson," is your response to him volunteering to come with you. The walk back to the cottage takes about five minutes. But that's cause you were briskly walking. The well is not that close to the house, but there is a tall wooden fence around the yard that prevents intruders. This is going to be harder than you thought. You attempt to get over it by climbing on Dawson's shoulders, but while up there, you admit, "It's really spooky here. I don't really want to go alone. I mean, I will, but..." Dawson replies with, "Don't worry. The only reason it seems spooky is because the weather is so dreary. I'll be waiting here the whole time. Now hurry up, you're heavy!"
  2. With the bag of empty water bottles hanging around your neck, you pull yourself up and over the fence, until you're sitting right on top. After a moment of hesitation, you jump down and land in a squat. Looking around, there are tons of weeds every where. It's overgrown and the backdoor of the lady's cottage is only about ten feet away. "You okay?" Dawson shout whispers. "I'm fine!" you reply. "I can see the well, I shouldn't be long." You try to be as quiet as you can, but all the dried up leaves underneath your feet are making it quite difficult. You see a figure in the house pass quickly by the windows, as if it's heading for the door, and dart behind a shrub. The backdoor swings open, and out walks someone in a cloak. What in the world? That's not the little old lady! Who could this be?
  3. The hooded figure doesn't seem to know you're there. A medium sized satchel hangs from their body, and much to your misfortune, they are heading straight for the well! You're forced to stay put. You can't quite see them well enough when they reach it, so out of curiosity, you sneak a little closer, being very quiet. They take out something from their bag. It's a... a crown? Well that's weird.
  4. The crown is glittery, filled with diamonds and everything. It even has some gold parts. You can't believe your eyes. It must be worth a fortune! Enough to buy a cure for your mother? Perhaps. But.. it's a crown. Obviously, it belongs to someone... and probably not this hooded person. After they are done admiring the crown they put it back in their satchel, retrieve some water, and return inside. You think it wise to wait a while, making certain they don't return. Then you get a bunch of water for everyone. For a moment you thought you were busted, but it was just a cat. You sneak through the yard once again, through all the weeds, and finally make it to the fence gate. It's very tall, and a bit overgrown. It proves difficult to open... Uh-oh, it's not opening at all!!
  5. After some slight inner panicking, you see a ladder to your left. Woot woot! You prop it against the fence and climb up. Dawson is pacing back and forth. "Pss!" you hiss. He flicks his head up towards you and immediately comes close to grab the bag of water bottles. You extend your body out to him as far as you can to make sure they don't break. After that, you jump down from the fence. "That was freaky! I'll tell you everything when we get back on the road!" you exclaim in a whisper. You drag him along with you, trying to get as far away from there as possible. Dawson stops walking about half way. You both are hidden in a cluster of trees. "_____, I just wanted to let you know," he starts, "that Lucia was the one who kissed me. I didn't kiss back or anything. We were just talking and she suddenly... well, yeah." You shrug indifferently and say, "Doesn't concern me. You can kiss whomever you want..."
  6. "But there's only really one person I want to," he says while looking off in the distance. You nod knowingly, "you're sweet on some girl from back home?" Dawson looks at you. He's holding the gaze a little longer than you expected, so you quickly look away and start walking again. He shakes his head and follows. When you finally reach the road, you explain everything as quickly as you can. Jules is immensely interested. "A crown? Wait. Does the 'hooded person' live here??" You shake your head, "I don't know." Jules runs his hands through his hair. "I think I know what it is. It's not just any crown. It's THE Crown. Of the city of Lights!! That's what was stolen from us several days ago!"
  7. "No wonder that old lady was looking at me so weird," he goes on. "She was looking at me weird too," you add, while continuing with, "Caldwell? What did she whisper in your ear while we were there?" He is right by your side, and replies with, "Huh? Oh, she just said some crazy talk like 'They're siblings! Siblings!' I had to hold back my laughter. You and Jules? Related? HAHA. You two look NOTHING alike. She must have eye problems."
  8. "We're not technically in the city of Lights anymore -- but they have a piece of our property. My authority is still valid in this case. I have to go get the Crown!" Jules fumes, already heading in that direction. "Wait, Jules! Look..." you point out. The hooded person is leaving the cottage, and heading for this road! This doesn't stop Jules at all, however. He actually looks to all of you and says really seriously, "You guys need to act like city keepers. Lucia, stop braiding your hair. Caldwell, stop carving wood with your knife. Dawson and _____... you guys are fine. Just keep on doing what you're doing."
  9. The person in the cloak has spotted you all. They stop in their tracks for a moment, then continue forward. They're still carrying their satchel, which means they probably still have the Crown. In a way, you feel somewhat bad for them. They obviously need it for something -- you might have stolen it yourself, if you had gotten the chance -- but now they are completely busted. They try to avoid your party and continue walking casually along, but Jules says to them, "Excuse me." They stop, and slowly turn around, still hiding their face in that cloak. Who could they be?
  10. "Mm?" the person mumbles almost inaudibly. You still can't tell if it's a girl or boy. They are about your height and stature though... so it could be a girl. "We are city keepers coming from the city of Lights. We have been ordered to find a precious item that was stolen from us only several days ago. Do you happen to know anything of it?" Jules asks kindly -- obviously holding back his anger, since he already knows this person has the Crown. The person replies with, "No, sir, I don't know anything about that. I have a v-very c-contagious skin disease, s-so..." they trail off. Okay, it's definitely a girl, telling by the voice.
  11. Jules, Dawson, and you all exchange a glance. Jules replies with, "Um, all right. Well, I'm sorry to ask this of you, but you don't mind if we search your bags?" The cloaked girl hesitates a good moment, then starts to remove her bag, handing it over.... When BAM! She hits Jules right upside the head with it! You hear a scream, but you know it's your own, and now you see blood trickling from... Jules' head! Caldwell tackles you to the ground before the cloaked girl can swing you upside the head too, and while he's doing so, she's hopping on a horse. Her hood even came down! She's looks kind of like you, honestly. Except different. Dawson grabs her, trying to pull her down, but it's no use, she's already got the horse going. Lucia is screaming and starting to cry at the blood running down Jules' temple, and you are lying under Caldwell. "You okay?" he asks quickly but concerned. "I'm fine!" you nod. He scrambles up off of you and quickly over to Jules, who is conscious, but in a lot of pain, telling from all that moaning! The cloaked girl is now gone, and you guys only have 2 horses. Plus, the Crown is gone as well. O.O
  12. THE END. Nah, just kidding. Well, just the end of this part! Muahahaha! ^o^ Part 6 will be out hopefully by next week. I am really interested in writing it now, so probably! Be sure to check out stargazer5660's story quizzes as well (she is way faster in parts than I am xD)! OH YES! And here's the link the characters! --- http :// --- you'll have to remove the space in it before hitting enter in your browser! Cause GTQ isn't allowing me to put links. But I am. MUAHAHA. Rule breaker. ;) See y'all later.

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