Find The Wysteria - 2 (for Girls)

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Welcome to "Find the Wysteria - 2"! If you haven't already played the first installation of this quiz-story, I suggest you go back and do that. It will not make sense otherwise. Anyway, the way that you play this is a little different each time, actually. For this part there is something SPECIAL in each result! Which one will you get? xD P.S. I'm going to try to have all special results from here on out, so everyone gets something good.

This is an ongoing quiz-story with adventure, romance, and mystery, intended for teenage girls. Note: Wherever _____ appears, it means you insert your own name in that spot.

Created by: rhimicha
  1. We're back to where we left off: You, hanging off of a landslide. Thankfully, your bag was around your neck when you fell, so it's still on you. You're gripping onto a tree root as hard as you can, but it's not strong enough! It's about to break and you can feel gravity pulling you down to the sharp rocks below. Dawson is no longer shouting your name and for a second you are scared he has abandoned you. Just as you're about to fall, a strong green vine hits you in the face and you grasp it for dear life. "I've tied it onto a tree. You can climb up!" Dawson shouts from above. You scurry up to the top as fast as you can, and Dawson holds out his hand to give you an extra boost. Once you've both made it far enough from the edge, you lay down on your back and try to catch your breath. When you stand up, Dawson looks at you apprehensively. "Are you okay?" he asks. "I'm fine," you nod, making sure not to start crying. If something like this happened to you in real life, what would you do?
  2. Dawson and you are feeling very hungry/thirsty, but your supply is almost gone. There won't be another town for a while, and you both need more sustenance to keep going. You decide to camp out in a cave. You even find some common edible roots as vegetables. Dawson makes a fire and while cooking the roots, he asks, "Why do you want the Wysteria?"
  3. Dawson is sitting on the opposite side of the fire as you. Do you move closer to him?
  4. Do you want to ask Dawson more about himself?
  5. (If you picked the winky (; answer or the "I dunno" answer for question 2, then Dawson thought you were just kidding) Dawson tells you a little bit more about himself after you've answered his question about the Wysteria. "My parents live in a different kingdom that's ruled by a very evil man. They used all their life savings to send me here. If I find the Wysteria, I would use my wealth and success to somehow bring them to this kingdom."
  6. The roots are delicious and full of starch, so they are perfect for journeys like this. Dawson and you fall asleep in the cave, using your satchels as pillows, and you keep your weapon (which is a knife, by the way) in your hand just in case. He and you wake up early and pack lots of roots to go. You even find some edible fruits, that you know are safe because they are common back in town. Not before long, you are both descending the last part of the mountain, and can see the city of Lights. You are just a country girl and have never been here before, but you've always wanted to. They call it Lights because it is the city that specializes in prisms. They are hanging in almost every single building, and it has a magical effect.
  7. While admiring the 'lights', a princely young fellow comes riding through on a horse. He has wavy, light blonde hair and gray eyes. He says rather authoritatively, "Excuse me." You are forced to stop walking, and are very confused. So is Dawson. The princely fellow continues, "A precious thing was stolen from our city just last night. You appear to be travelers, but would you have anything to do with this?" There are several other men around him, but their bodies are covered in armor and their faces are covered with some sort of metal mesh. They are also riding horses. You soon realize that all these people are city keepers (like police).
  8. Dawson speaks for you. "No, sir." The princely fellow eyes you suspiciously and dismounts from his horse. "Well then, you wouldn't mind if I searched your bags?"
  9. Without waiting for a response, he takes your bag and looks inside of it. After giving it back he takes Dawson's and searches it as well. He doesn't find what he's looking for, and yet he laughs. He has a beautiful smile. "I'm sorry for having to do this, you two must have been on a long journey! I am Jules, and I'm the son of the head city keeper. Where are you from?" he asks. "We're from the city behind that mountain. It's known as Silkwood," you answer before introducing Dawson and yourself. Jules replies, "That's a rough mountain to cross through, how are you all holding up?" Dawson has several scrapes and cuts, but you are more beat up than him, since you almost fell down that landslide. Your leg is bruised quite badly but you haven't mentioned it yet. Since it's really hurting now, you decide to bring it up subtly. "Nothing too serious, but would you have a clinic nearby?" Jules answers while gesturing towards a big tall building, "Right that way. You are welcome to check into our lodge for a few days. We'll be off now, then." He mounts his horse and they leave.
  10. At the clinic, there is boy your age who is sitting behind the counter. He is too young to be a doctor, so you ask, "Where can I get my leg checked out?" Dawson is surprised at this, since he didn't notice your leg was hurt that bad. You were hiding it pretty well, after all. The guy behind the counter looks up from the papers and greets you with a blank stare. His hair is black and his eyes are dark brown. He is a little taller than you. "Names?" he asks. "_____ and Dawson." The guy signs you in and says, "My uncle, the doctor, is out restocking up on certain things. I'm a medic in training, so I'll be helping you today."
  11. You sit down on a stool near the back, and Dawson stands beside you. The guy who was behind the counter is now looking at your calf. "I'm Caldwell, by the way," he says. Your leg is badly bruised and Dawson is obviously feeling bad he didn't notice sooner, because he says, "Had you told me, I would have carried you." You shake your head and say, "It's not that bad." Caldwell says, while applying something cold that really stings, "Actually, it is." You inhale sharply and soon the pain is over. Caldwell wraps the part that is cut with a cloth bandage and ties it loosely. "You can take the bandage off tomorrow. It would be wise to stay off your leg for a couple days."
  12. Yo... guys... guess what? *no effect*
  13. Yeah, these are just things I'm gonna tell you about the next part. It will have more clear choices of which guy you want to be romantic with. Like there will be options for Dawson, Jules, and Caldwell. There will be some sort of romantic thing in each result! No go on, go read your awesome, special results for this part! xD Also, did you like? *no effect*

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