Wildheart's Love Story Part 2 (She-Cats Only)

Make sure you have played my first quiz, or this will make no sense whatsoever! Spoiler alert, but Sparrowsong is no longer an option. Please still take this quiz.

Thanks for playing part one! If you didn't, please play it. It's called Wildheart's Love Story (She-Cats Only!) Like I said before, please play that first or this will make no sense!

Created by: Falconflight
  1. Did you do part 1 first? Search Wildheart's Love Story (She-Cats Only)
  2. Who was your cat last time? He will be _____
  3. Sparrowsong walks towards the tree you are hiding behind. Why did you follow me? He askes. You say
  4. He tells you something, no matter what you said. I'm leaving NightClan. I'm going to SunClan. Petalcall is expecting my kits.
  5. But I am sending over Blackheart in my place.
  6. You see a long haired black tom with Amber eyes full of rage. Blackheart he says. Wildheart you say curtly.
  7. You show Blackheart to the camp, and surprisingly, Southstar is fine with it. Cracklingtree and Rockpelt are across, on the other side of the camp. You...
  8. No matter what you pick, Blackheart takes you out of the camp. Cracklingtree and Rockpelt follow you too. Blackheart starts circling you and covering you with licks. The two other toms tackle him, claws unsheathed. You...
  9. No matter what you picked, Blackheart shoves them both off. Cracklingtree hits a rock, and Rockpelt a tree. Blackheart nudges you back to the camp. Cardinalpaw, the med cat apprentice is there. Blackheart tells him to bring Wildheart to Whitepatch. He does and Whitepatch inspects you. You think you have...
  10. You figure out that you have kits! About four of them. They will come soon, so you need to stay in the nursery
  11. Skipping to when you have your kits.
  12. Whitepatch gives you a stick as the first little fur ball slides out. The other three slide out soon after. The old she cat tells you that you have three toms and a she cat. The toms are named Stickkit, Berrykit, and Kinkkit. The She-Cat is named...
  13. Do you know the father? It's Blackheart.
  14. You feed your kits as Southstar announces the birth of your kits. Pathwind and old queen, finishes feeding Deerkit and Brownkit and tells your kits are fun. You nod but are uncertain. You face Blackheart and say, take these filthy fur balls back to your clan and STAY THERE!
  15. Blackheart leaves, and Rockpelt invites you to follow him. You do, and he leads you to a cave. He walks in, and as you start to, the entrance falls down. Cracklingtree beckons for you to follow him. You...
  16. If you ran to SunClan, see who your with and end the quiz now. If you chose the other two, you follow Cracklingtree. He climbs a tree. The branch wiggles in the wind then snaps. You...
  17. No matter what you chose, you try to break the toms fall, but you end up breaking your leg and his spine in the process. You manage to drag yourself to the med cat den. You will have to stay there for 24 moons. But you care a little; Rockpelt is stuck in the cave. When you are done being hurt, you will...
  18. Goodbye!

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