Wildheart's Love Story Part 5 (She-Cats Only)

Thank you everyone for playing! This is the last quiz in this series, but if we get 5 likes, I will make a sequel, so please like! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Decide choices for Wildheart, one last time! As she has kits, decide their outcome too, in the sequel (if you like it) Have fun!

Created by: Falconflight

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  1. Who is 123?
  2. Who is 098
  3. Whitepatch gives you a stick and the first ball of fur slides out. It calls out in pain, and you almost break the stick as a chubby one comes, soon with another following. You lick them, and they wail. Carrotkit and Horsekit are out of the den, talking to the deputy, Shardleaf, their father. The kits are named Moonkit, Slykit, and Ivykit. Guess how many there are...
  4. Ivykit is a shecat and Moonkit and Slykit are toms! Carrotkit comes back and walks to Slykit. He looks around, and wails. You feed him, and Moonkit and Ivykit are picked up and brought over too. Moonkit looks like 123, and Ivykit looks like you. Slykit have your pelt and 123's eyes.
  5. Snowpaw, Iceshard's only kit who survived leaf bare comes in to see the kits. I remember when Stonekit and Blackkit were still alive. I miss them.
  6. Over the next few sunrises, everyone in the clan stops by to congratulate you. By the time Iceshard and her mate, Eagledive come to see them, Moonkit and Slykit could open their eyes, but Ivykit still couldn't.
  7. Whitepatch comes over to make sure your kits are okay. Moonkit and Slykit are fine, but Ivykit isn't. You think she has...
  8. She's blind, and she can't become Med Cat Aprentice because Robinpaw is. But there is another category other than warrior. That is...
  9. She can become Briarbeak the Namer's apprentice. The namer gladly accepts, not ever having an apprentice of her own.
  10. Skipping to when your kits become apprentices
  11. Moonpaw! Slypaw! Ivypaw! The crowd cheers! You and 123 praise your kits. 098 glares at you, cold eyes. Moonpaw's mentor is Eagledive, and Slykit has Rockpelt (unless he is 123 or 098. Then he has Cracklingtree, unless they are both 123 or 098. Then he has Redthorn.)
  12. The series for Wildheart's Love a Story is over. But, if we get 5 likes (pathetic, I know) I will make a sequel.

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