Warrior Cats Love Story Sequel 1

The sequel to my Warriors love story is here! You are now in the mind of Honeypaw (if you remember, one of your kits from the first series), and you have to choose a tom like your mother. Well, not really . . . You're a 6 moon old apprentice. Please make sure you have taken my first series (search Warrior Cats Love Story 1-7 Pathbreeze)before doing this one.

Text in between two asterisks (*) are your thoughts. Ex. *I like hunting.* would be a thought. It won't show up in this quiz, but text in between / and / would be emphasis. Like this sentence: You can hunt /or/ you can practice battling.

Created by: Pathbreeze
  1. Read the opening paragraphs first, I cannot begin to say how important it is!
  2. "Honeypaw! Troutpaw! Glowpaw! Honeypaw! Troutpaw! Glowpaw!" Your chest swelled with pride as you heard your apprentice name cheered by the Clan, along with your siblings. Your mother had pride in her eyes, while you father maintained a happy expression, but you knew him well enough to know he would give anything to bounce up and down like a kit. You would, too. It was just, just so . . . exciting wasn't the right word . . . Amazing, perhaps? You were assigned Hikepath as your mentor, she was old, but not elder-old; just a senior warrior would describe her. She and you mother were good friends--you couldn't help but think there was some secret between them, and your imaginative mind loved to think of stories. You looked at Hikepath. The tabby she-cat was swelling with happiness; you could tell. Your brothers also had good mentors: Troutpaw got Peatfur, the lucky cat, and Glowpaw got--surprisingly-- Peachlight.
  3. Your eye caught Jaynight: A black-blue tom with white flecks and sea-blue eyes. You didn't know why, but you were drawn to his loud cheers, the confidence in his voice that you'd always heard when he spoke to your mother, father, or Hikepath. He had become a warrior just before you had been made apprentice, so you also knew his kit-voice and apprentice-voice: Same confidence. You admired that.
  4. You shook your head and looked away, then turned to Hikepath. *She's Jaynight's mother,* you thought, then shook your head again, this time in disgust. *Why can't I get him out of my mind?* "What're we doing, Hikepath?" you asked. Hikepath paused. "First, we have to tour the territory." You nodded, and listened as Hikepath continued. "But go kind of slow; my legs aren't good for this, even though it's green-leaf." "Yes, Hikepath," you replied. You followed her at a slow pace out into the forest.
  5. You saw the borders, and Hikepath went to the last stop: The WoodClan border. You saw a flash of yellow fur, with swirls and streaks of red and orange. You spotted the glare of green eyes and before you knew it, a WoodClan apprentice was padding to the border. You had to stifle the urge to twitch you whiskers as the apprentice put on a low voice, probably trying to mimic his Leader's authoritative voice. "Fellow StreamClan cats," he said importantly, "may I ask what you are doing on the border?" Hikepath looked at the apprentice hard. "Don't go looking for more trouble, Bravepaw." *Bravepaw.* Something clicked in your head. Didn't your father once say that Bravepaw was a WoodClan apprentice he met once at a Gathering? And that he nearly caused a fight between the two Clans? Your fur bristled and you eyed him suspiciously. "She sure looks like she needs it," Bravepaw said, examining your position. "This is a border, not a fight." You glared at him as he spoke. "Yes, and you sure need to learn that you aren't her mentor," Hikepath retorted. Then she turned to you. "Come on, Honeypaw. Let's get back to camp." You nodded. You pricked an ear as you heard a whisper from Bravepaw. It sounded like: "Honeypaw's a nice name." You held back a growl.
  6. "Whadidya do today, Honeypaw?" asked your brother Troutpaw as you two climbed into the apprentice's den. You missed Glowpaw already. "Me?" he continued, not giving you a chance to answer, "I had the most boringest day ever: Going on a border patrol." You blinked. "I had a tour of the territory." But inside your head, you were thinking something else:
  7. "Oh.sounds boring, too. I wonder what Glowpaw's doing." Troutpaw cast his gaze to the medicine cat's den. "I wonder why he chose to be the medicine cat's apprentice; he's missing out on so much: border patrols, battles, hunting . . ." Troutpaw trailed off. *And having a mate and kits,* you thought, then scolded yourself crossly. *You're just six moons old!* The older apprentices came in-- Jaynight's siblings.
  8. "Welcome to the apprentice's den," meowed Dewpaw, your former denmate (and now your denmate again). Behind her, another she-cat--Littlepaw-- and a tom, Muddypaw.
  9. Littlepaw and Muddypaw both chorused a 'hi' and lay down in their nest. You look at the empty nests and guessed you and Troupaw were allowed to choose. Which nest do you want?
  10. You soon fell asleep, partially tired from your trek along the Clan territory. You dream of:

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