Warrior Cats Love Story Sequel 4

Please take Warrior Cats Love Story Sequel: Which Tom? before this, and the opening paragraphs of that one will have the details. There is a new love interest in this . . . *dun dun dun* Also, the results will be the tom you get thinking about their opinion on you.

*Recap* You saw Sunstar, dead, on the great rock at the Gathering and fainted. One of the foxes saw you and bit your leg, breaking it. You had a dream about StarClan, where Sunstar met you, and you woke up to hear a brief argument between Jaynight and Curltail. Curltail mentions that you were mumbling 'nonsense' in your sleep. Afterwards, Jaynight leaves Curltail and checks in on you.

Created by: Pathbreeze
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  1. You wake up--yet again--in your sleep that night, feeling a breath close to your ear. You whip around. "Creeknose?" you stammer. She has stars in her fur now, and the young cat shining in her eyes was nothing like when you last saw her. "You're--you're in StarClan?" You didn't want to say dead--that wasn't true--but there was nothing else to say. "Yes, little one," Creeknose said. You nodded.
  2. Creeknose's eyes hardened. "I wasn't here to tell you I'm dead, I'm here to give you a warning." You look at her nervously. Creeknose continues: "Beware the monster with the curled tail, the kinked eyes, and the cat who could've made you different lead by its snake heart."
  3. "..." You look at Creeknose with your head tilted and your eyes closed. Curltail's anger, the stories of Kinkeyes and x_______x . . . But the Snake Heart? You jump as everything goes black and you wake up.
  4. "Glowpaw!" you call, and wince as your leg shifts. Your brother rushes over, several leaves and cobwebs on his pelt. "Yes? Honeypaw, don't move that leg. It's broken." Your fears were confirmed, but you still had to tell him: "Glowpaw . . . I got a message from StarClan." Your brother stares at you, open mouthed. "/What/? PEACHLIGHT!" he yowled at his mentor. Peachlight raced over, slipped on the herbs, and stumbled the rest of the way."Yes, Glowpaw?" he asked with a huff. Glowpaw burst out, "Honeypaw's received an omen!" You glare at him. "Prophecy," you corrected. Peachlight looked at you and Glowpaw, his eyes wide. "Was it the one of . . .?" Glowpaw shook his head. "I don't know. Honeypaw?" he asked, clearly signaling for you to speak. You told the two toms the warning. Peachlight blinked. "They're connected," he meowed slowly.
  5. "What?" you ask. "What's the 'prophecy of?'" Peachlight sighed. "Don't tell anyone . . ." Then he recited the words of a prophecy. "Create a miracle with these marks, Drops of Honey, Glow of Sparks. Create a guardian with these things, Night of Jay and Trout with Wings. These together, make it forever, as they shall put out the Heart of the Snake, these together, make in forever, as they go out, their lives at stake."
  6. "Oh, wow . . ." Suddenly you felt like you needed fresh air. "Can I walk?" you asked, refusing to look at your leg. Peachlight looked partly concerned. "I suppose . . ." Before he finished talking, you leaped off the nest and landed on three legs. You tried putting weight on your broken leg and winced. Unluckily for you . . .
  7. Jaynight heard. "WHAT?" he roared, bursting in the medicine den. "Are you two mouse-brains? Honeypaw, go back to your nest RIGHT NOW."
  8. "I am going, and I am GOING," you said, pushing past Jaynight. Glowpaw cheered. "You go, Honeypaw! Ever since he's been deputy, the furball's been pretty bossy."
  9. You left a stunned Jaynight . . And ran straight into Muddytrail. "Er, hi, Honeypaw! I'm glad you're--um--okay, and so . . . yeah." He scuttled away.
  10. You sigh, shaking your head, and finally get out to the forest, after being fussed over by your parents. You breathed in the crisp air as you limped towards the WoodClan border.
  11. "Honeypaw!" You heard a familiar voice. *Braveflame.* "What are you doing so close to the border?" His gaze flickers to your leg, and you see sympathy flash through his eyes before they took on the deceptive coldness again. "Going for a walk," you said mildly. "And you are?" Braveflame blinked. "Walk. Your leg must hurt." "Yeah?" you ask. "Well, I'll be off then," Braveflame meowed indifferently and padded off, leaving you to stare after him.
  12. You limped off, and a gray pelt, speckled with white, black, and brown caught your eye. The cat had a creamy colored tailtip, eartips, and you saw his brown eyes.
  13. And he was stalking . . . A squirrel . . . IN YOUR TERRITORY! Yes, it was near the edge. No, ou wouldn't let him go for crossing the border, whether purposefully or accidentally. "STOP!" you snarled, leaping on the tom. He spun around and the thrush fluttered into a tree. "What are you doing?" the tom growled. "Couldn't you see I was about to get that--" You cut him off. "You were in my territory, you said, turning to face him. He was taller than you. *I wasn't expecting that,* you thought, wondering how mouse-brained you were to attack a cat like this. "You are on StreamClan territory. Now go." The tom's whiskers twitched. "I don't think so," he said, sitting down.
  14. "Then I'm bringing you to Sun--" you broke off. "Peatstar. The leader." He didn't seem in a hurry to escape. "Suit yourself." You growled in your throat and hauled him over to the camp.
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