Warrior Cat Love Story~Part 1

This is for she-cats only. You are a cat in the Clans of Warriors who must decide her own fate.

In this story/quiz, you are a young she-cat with toms wrapped around your tail. Who will you choose? Who will be the lucky tom? It is in your power when you take this quiz.

Created by: Nightshimmer
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  1. You padded into the apprentices den, tired out by the day's events. It was your first day as an apprentice, and you learned so much already! You curled up in your nest, sadness creeping into your heart. Your siblings should have been with you, but they were taken by Starclan when they were just a moon old. You sighed, and tucked your nose under your tail.
  2. Pawsteps thudded next to your ears and you raised your head. A big silver apprentice was standing by your head, flicking his tail. "Excuse me, that's my nest." He said to you. You say:
  3. Whatever you said, the tom eventually settles down in the nest next to yours. "I'm Wolfpaw." He tells you.
  4. The next morning, you head out into the forest with your mentor, Poppyshine. Along the way, you run into Jaynight, who is hunting for the elders. He nods to you, and continues to stalk a mouse. Poppyshine explains the hunting crouch, but inside your head, you were thinking something else:
  5. Timeskip to sundown.
  6. You padded tiredly into the camp, a few pieces of prey dangling from your jaws. You wobbled over to the fresh-kill pile and tried to deposit your prey onto it, but only managed to knock the whole thing over. You sighed, and began collecting the fallen pieces of food. A white muzzle bumped yours, and you jerked away in shock. It was Iceclaw, helping you pick up the prey. "Sorry." He murmured, and purred apologetically.
  7. You grabbed a water vole from the pile and trudged to the apprentices' den. Wolfpaw silently came over and began licking your ears.
  8. After you were done your meal, you fell asleep as Wolfpaw groomed your fur. You dream of:
  9. The next morning, you go outside to discover that cats have fallen ill from greencough. When you visit the medicine cat's den, you find Iceclaw violently sick.
  10. You decide to take a walk around the forest, and end up by the river. A few heartbeats later, Jaynight pads over. You are sure his fur touched yours more than once.
  11. This is the end for part one.

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