Warrior Cats Love Story 1

This is for she-cats only! The Clans of Warriors are here, and you are one of them.

In this story quiz, you are a young she-cat with toms padding after you. Who do you love? It is alll your choice and in your power when you take this quiz.

Created by: Pathbreeze
  1. You are a newly made apprentice. Your leader, Sunstar, says that Mousepaw will show you to your nest. He is a simple brown tom with yellow eyes and doesn't seem to pay much attention to you. "There," he says. "In that cave." You go in, thinking:
  2. It soon is nightfall, and the other apprentices come back from training. A silver-blue tom with green eyes comes up to you. It's Lightningpaw. "How's your first day, _________?" he asks. You:
  3. A large white and gray tabby comes in the den next. You know his name is Gorsepaw. His blue eyes shine as he sees you, and says "Look at the newest apprentice!" Your reaction:
  4. You see a flash of brown fur. Mousepaw has returned! He ignores you and goes to the back of the cave, curling up to sleep. You think:
  5. You are the first to wake up, filled with energy. You find that Mousepaw somehow had rolled over, closer to you in his sleep. You:
  6. Your mentor, Creeknose, takes you out on a hunting patrol. You are taught to stalk, but most of the time your thoughts are on:
  7. When you get back, you successfully had caught a rabbit, very rare in your territory but plump. Lightningpaw congratulates you and offers to eat together. You:
  8. Several moons pass, and one day you find yourself watching the sunset. Mousepaw silently comes over and sits down beside you. He pays no attention to you, but you could swear that his tail pressed against your pelt more than once. You:
  9. You are out on a hunting assignment when you hear a sharp bark. You whip around to see a fox! Hissing, you swipe at it. Creeknose, who had been watching our assessment, rushes out to help, but another fox comes from the trees. You hear a rustle in some bushes behind you. What do you do about it?
  10. It's Gorsepaw, he rushes out to help. Soon, the foxes are gone, but Creeknose collapses! Mousepaw appears out of the corner of your eye. "Someone get Creeknose to camp!" you gasp. Mousepaw quickly drags Creeknose by the scruff. Gorsepaw laid his muzzle on your shoulder. "Are you alright?" he asks. In reply, you:
  11. Lightningpaw shows up. "I heard what happened," he said. "Mousepaw said." Then he turned to you, gasping as he spotted your ear, which was red with blood. He comes over and licks it. You:
  12. You and the toms head home. End of part 1.

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