Warrior cats love story part 1

You have taken many warrior cats quizzes, but this one? Probably not.

Take this quiz today to act like in a roleplay, just for fun.

Created by: Pathstar
  1. You are a kit in the nursery. Your denmates Blizzardkit, Runningkit, Foxkit, and Stormkit all come up and say, "(Your name), want to play?" Your reaction:
  2. You are still a kit. After you finish the game, your mothers hurry over to groom you. Then you realize it is your apprentice ceremony! Your mentor is Hollyheart, and you are signed for a patrol with Stormpaw and Blizzardpaw. What do you do during the border patrol to interact with the cats?
  3. After the patrol, you are allowed to spend free time, so you go on a walk. You run into Stormpaw! He spins around, and licks his chest fur in embarrassment. Your reaction:
  4. Unknowingly, you start entwining your tail with Stormpaw, or rather, he does it to you. You two walk into Foxpaw! What do think?
  5. Moons pass, and you go for another walk. This time, though, you find some rogues, but they smelled you first. The strongest one attacks! When you are losing, Blizzardpaw jumps in and saves you. Your reaction/thoughts?
  6. The other apprentices show up with worried faces. Blizzardpaw begins to bristle, and he stands up from caring for you to face the apprentices. Runningpaw rushes over and touches her nose. "Are you alright?" What do you do?
  7. Stormpaw casts a warning glance towards Runningpaw, and steps up. He licks your ear thoroughly to cleanse off the blood, purring. "You're alive!" Your reaction?
  8. Foxpaw also comes up. He roughly presses his muzzle into your fur and murmurs, "I'm glad you're ok."
  9. The apprentices bring you to camp. Wo do you lean against for support?
  10. But when you get to camp, there is another battle with badgers. What do you do?
  11. No matter what you chose to do, you ended up fighting for your life. When the badgers finally retreated, some cats were dead. One of them is your father, Daystar... Cliffhanger, who do you like so far?

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