Warrior cats quiz!!

Welcome to my quiz,were you will be tested to see how well you know the populer Warriors series by Erin Hunter.Test you brain to see if you deserve the title: Warrior cats no.1 fan.

Are YOU a Warrior fan? Do you deserve the title? Well,not everybody deserves this title,but in just a few minutes,you will find out if you hold the name: Warrior cats No.1 fan.

Created by: private eye
  1. Who are Bluestar's parents?
  2. Which cat does Barley meet to get help from Bloodclan? (Hint,You will know this if you read the guides)
  3. Who are Hollykit,Lionkit,and Jaykit's real parents?
  4. What is the first piece of fresh kill Firestar ate?
  5. Why is longtail blind?
  6. Cloudtail mated Brightheart
  7. Thundertooth mates lilyfern
  8. Hollykit is part Windclan
  9. Who is Tigerstar's first apprentice?
  10. Who nearly kills Sol?
  11. In 'The last Hope.' Jayfeather says he is younger then all of the starclan cats.Which cat says" not me!"
  12. Firestar has how many kits?
  13. Who is Stoneteller in: Dawn of the clans.

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