The Ultimate Warrior Cats Quiz!

The warrior cats are famous throughout, and if you are taking this quiz, you probably know who they are. But do you know everything about them yet? Maybe.

You may have taken many warrior quizzes before, but this is a major one, with special edition books included. See if you can score the best. See if you are a true warriors fan.

Created by: Not telling
  1. Where did the Clans come from?
  2. Who is Graywing (she-cat)?
  3. Who is Graywing the wise (tom)?
  4. Why did Yellowfang become a medicine cat?
  5. Who were Brokenstar's true littermates?
  6. Who were Brokenstar's foster littermates?
  7. Who were Yellowfang's littermates?
  8. Who was Raggedkit's littermate?
  9. Is there any relationship in the first leaders?
  10. Who is Sky's mate?
  11. Who caused Bluestar pain?
  12. How are Whitestorm and Crookedstar related?
  13. Who is Oakheart's nephew?
  14. How are Scourge and Firestar related?
  15. Who is the recarnation of Jay's Wing?
  16. Who is the recarnation of Dove's Wing?
  17. Who is the recarnation of Lion's Roar?
  18. Who replaced Mistyfoot as deputy when she was caught by Twolegs?
  19. What are Twolegs?
  20. What are monsters?
  21. Which of the first leaders died first?
  22. Who does Bluefur (Bluestar) meet near Twolegplace?
  23. What is Twolegplace?

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