warriors rp quiz 1

Have you ever wanted to be in the world of warrior cats? then come on! do this quiz. you start off as a kit and you will see what people think of you.

Take a peek in the warrior cats world and take this quiz. This is one of those quizzes that lets you see the life of a warrior cat. All of these cats are my own and this was meant for girls only.

Created by: sparkles2311
  1. "Wake up little kit" You here a soft little she-cat voice.
  2. "what are you going to name it Silvermoon" said She-cat voice. "____" (that's your name!) said both a tom and she-cat voice.
  3. You went to sleep. In the morning you...
  4. Your father walks into the nursery (if you were outside you went back in). "hello ____. My name is Stonestar. Do you want to see all the other cats?
  5. Your dad lead you outside. "hmm, lets see, lets start with the warriors." Just then, a dusty brown tom came towards you and BAM! (it didn't hurt much)(oh and this isn't Duststorm but this is Thunderclan)
  6. the tom (match) 1Frowns 2 says "I'm ok but are you?" You say you are alright 3 looks confused 4 says "Oh no! I'm so sorry." He licks you all better. Stonestar looks over you for injuries and when he finds none, he says "this my deputy, Thornclaw."
  7. 1. "Hello", He says uncomfortably. 2. he nods back. 3.He smiles warmly, "Welcome to the clan!" 4. Chuckle a little and he says, "Don't worry I don't bite." Finally, Stonestar says "Come now ___. Let's meet the medicine cat."
  8. At the medicine cat den, you smell a sweet scent. "Willowsong!" Stonestar called. "Over here." Answered a white she-cat with gray stripes. "Hello brother. Hi ___." She said to you.
  9. 1."You might be able to learn them one day." She said when you were staring. 2. She nods, slightly irritated. 3. She smiles and says "I won't hurt you." 4. She smiles and says "If you need help I'm always here." Stonestar then says "When you're hurt, Willowsong can fix you up." "I'll always try." She replied. "Ok now come ___." Stonestar beckoned you towards the exit.
  10. The end! This was my first quiz so no haters and this was meant for GIRLS ONLY. Tune in next time to see who you meet. Recap, You met Thornclaw (deputy) and Willowsong (medicine cat and Stonestar's sister).

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