The life of your warrior cat (Quiz 3)

I know I do this for every introduction, but.... There's a lot of warrior cat fans out there. I sure am a big one! Have you ever wanted to experience a warrior cat's daily life in first person view?

Well, with this quiz you can do just that! My story questions are guaranteed to keep you entertained, and it's a good time passer! Warriors cats warriors cats warrior cats warrior cats warriors cats

Created by: CupcakesRuler
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  1. Just so you know, this is the 3rd quiz in my warrior cat series. You should go read the first 2 to clear some things up for you.
  2. The next day you wake up feeling happy and refreshed. Then you remember about Tigerkit's belly. How grossed out are you feeling about it? (10 being SUPER grossed out and 1 being not grossed out at all.)
  3. Later that day, Lionpatch decides to take ALL of the apprentices out for a battle practice. You, Mistypaw, Oakpaw, Volepaw, and Frogpaw head out to the training area. Then, he clears up some rules that everyone SHOULD know already. He pairs up Mistykit with Frogkit, and Oakpaw with Volepaw and you are left to watch.
  4. Anyway, you watch them fight for a minute- it seems normal, then you see Frogpaw dig his claws into Mistypaw's shoulders and she lets out a squeal of pain. "HEY HEY HEY- I SAID NO FIGHTING! ___paw (your name) take Mistypaw to the medicine cat den and Frogpaw TO ROBINSTAR. You almost carry Mistypaw on the way back, as fast as you can, with Frogpaw trailing behing you. You send Frogpaw into Robinstar's den, and you take Mistykit to Bloomwing's den and start heading back to battle training.
  5. When you get back to the battle training area, you see everyone waiting for you then Lionpatch goves you a lecture on hurting other apprentices. "WE know this already" Volepaw whispers to you. After that, Lionpatch luckily lets you practice some battle moves together, but it's not as wild as you wanted it to be. Then, you head back to camp when the sun is starting to set.
  6. The next morning, Robinstar calls a clan meeting. "As you may know, Swiftclan has taken Scratch mountain and we need it bak=ck for more prey- even in leaffall. We will take it back once and for all! "When?" Volepaw yells to him. "RIGHT NOW!" He says the name of many warriors, but every apprentice is coming except Mistypaw. How do you feel?
  7. Then all of you head out. The first few minutes are a blurr- not knowing where to start, then you see an apprentice wondering around- a bit smaller then your size. So you jump on her, dig your claws in AND GIVE HER A PIECE OF YOUR MIND!!
  8. After that, you feel very strong and fight off more big cats. "RETREAT!" Robinstar yells. When you get back to camp, Robinstar says we... WON THE BATTLE! This makes everyone happy that we get more territory! "Now, I have something sprecial to announce.." Everyone gets quiet.
  9. "A few apprentices have fought very well in battle- enough to get their warrior name. Oakpaw, from this moment on you will be known as Oakscratch. We admire your bravery and intelligence. Volepaw, you will be known as Volebreeze because of your running skills and love of being outside. Frogpaw, you will be known as Frogfoot. We admire your hunting and battle skills.
  10. You're sad that Robinstar dioesn't announce you or Mistykit's name- but after all, the other apprentices are older then you. But you're surprised when Robinstar says "Tigerkit, we think you are old enough to become an apprentice. From now until you become a warrior- you will be known as Tigerpaw. Clawstripe, you will mentor him." OAKSCRATCH, VOLEBREEZE, FROGFOOT, TIGERPAW!! Everyone cheers. You are happy for them. And hope you always will be.

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Quiz topic: The life of my warrior cat (Quiz 3)