Warrior Cat Life (for shecats only.

Hi. I am Rygel. I love warriors! So this is a quiz to see how your life would be if you were a warrior cat in one of the clans! There is one result for every clan.

All these cats are good...I tried not to make any ones that were unsatisfactory. Taking quizzes myself, I've had a lot of those. One cat appears to be bad, but just acts like it so no one gets let in. If you've ever felt like that feel free to click on those.

Created by: Rygel
  1. Hi guys this is my first quiz and im 9 so dont criticize me
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. So RP time now! Your den is flooding. What do you do?
  4. A kit from another clan is bleeding its life away on your ground.
  5. What clan are you in?
  6. And lastly, who would be your mate?
  7. Goodbye!
  8. Ha tricked ya that wasnt the last question
  9. Who do you like best?
  10. How sharp are your claws?
  11. Bye warriors

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