What Warriors Clan are you in?

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The Warriors Series, by Erin Hunter, is a chain of novels that take you into the eyes of Forest Cats who are trying to survive. They must stick by each other and help one another, and be faithful to StarClan even in the darkest of times. Warriors must be honorable and ready to give their life for their Clan/Clanmates.

Do YOU have what it takes to be a warrior? Can you survive the good and bad that plagues your clan? Well.. now it's time to figure out which clan you would be in! Would you be with the Water-Loving RiverClan, The Forest-Dwelling ThunderClan, The Swamp-Happy ShadowClan, or maybe The Fast-Running WindClan? Would you watch over your past clan from the stars in StarClan? Or would you take a dark path and join the evil-ridden BloodClan, who do not follow the stars? Find out in this 30 minute quiz I threw together!

Created by: XxSilencexX

  1. You are free to do what you want for the day, what is it that you do?
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. A fight has sprung up between two of your friends. What do you do?
  4. Your Clan is being threatened, and you see a fellow clanmate in trouble. What do you do?
  5. There's a dog heading towards your patrol! What is your first impulse?
  6. There's an apprentice in a different clan on your territory, your action(s)?
  7. There is a war between your clan and another clan, and you are asked if you can fight. You don't feel up to it, what actions do you take?
  8. The one you like is with another, what is your course of action? (Yes, I like using terms involving the word action a lot xD)
  9. Your friend is injured and cannot perform their tasks, what do you do?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Warriors Clan am I in?