First warrior cat love story

There are SO many quizzes, but there aren't many warrior cat LOVE story quizzes! A warrior cat love story after all, is quite fun! Just think about it! Finding your pretend warrior cat mate!

Do YOU want to find out who your warriors cat mate is? Like i said, it's fun to make up characters, and even make up our own love! Thanks to this great quiz! You can find out who your warrior cat tom is!

Created by: Leopardpelt18
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  1. You awake with Eaglepaw pawing your shoulder. "Wake up, (Your name)!" He meowed. You got up groggily. "What's going on?" You ask yawning. "Our warrior ceremony!" He said excitedly. His golden tabby fur was ruffled with excitement. He suddenly zoomed out of the apprentice den. You give yourself and quick grooming then follow. Your thinking;
  2. You stood beneath the great rock with Nightpaw, Ripplepaw, and Eaglepaw. Amberstar padded to the ledge of the great rock. His amber tabby fur gently ruffled in the soft breeze. When the ceremony was over, Nightpaw is now Nightfang, Ripplepaw is Rippleclaw, and Eaglepaw is Eagleheart. Your thinking;
  3. You sit on your post as your on vigil. Close by, Rippleclaw gives you a friendly flash from his dark blue eyes. You blush a little. You also see Eagleheart give a little warning look. They both turn away once you know what's going on. You think;
  4. You awake in the warriors den after vigil. You look around to see all the warriors in DawnClan sleeping except for Nightfang! He was gone! You quickly pick up his scent, your the best hunter in the Clan with your amazing sense of smell and hearing, you find him in a little clearing with Breezeheart, a dark gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes purring and looking at him with loving eyes. He looks bewildered and is backing away. Breezeheart follows him with slow steps. You jump out of the bushes, Breezeheart looks surprised while Nightfang looks relieved. You say;
  5. (Only answer this if you said; "GET AWAY FROM HIM YOU PIECE OF FON DUNG!!!") Breezeheart's neck fur bristled. She has become a warrior a moon before you and your friends. "I'm not gonna kill him!!!" She snarled. You raced to Nightfang's side. You looked him in the eye. He flicked his tail with love. "What did she do to you?" You ask. He leaned close into your ear. "Nothing. I'll tell you more later." He whispered. You think;
  6. When you get back to camp with Nightfang and Breezeheart, you see Eagleheart padding towards you with Rippleclaw. Their tabby pelts were gleaming as if they had been grooming. "(Your name), i was wondering if you would like to go on a walk with me..." Eagleheart asked. Rippleclaw gave him a furious look. His gray tabby tail lashed. Eagleheart ignored his warning. You nodded slowly. "Sure." You say. As you walk through the forest you think;
  7. Eagleheart suddenly leads you to a beautiful meadow with tall golden grasses and lots of flowers. You gasp with amazement. Suddenly Eagleheart disappears for a second then comes back with a flower, the color of your beautiful pelt! You;
  8. Rippleclaw greets you into camp and licks your ear. "Here, i caught you the biggest mouse i could find." He purred and gave it to you. "I hope you enjoy it." He purred once more and walked over to the mossy stump where the warriors would eat. He watched you eat with loving eyes. You think;
  9. When you finish eating, Nightfang comes over. You feel overwhelmed by the three toms. You get up and say goodbye to Rippleclaw and follow Nightfang up a hill by BreezeClan border. "I just wanted to say that nothing happened between me and Breezeheart..." He shuffled his paws. You nodded. He entwined his tail with yours. You;
  10. It's been two moons and you love?
  11. You awake with your mate looking at you with loving eyes. "I love you." He says.
  12. You go to Leafwhisker, the medicine a moon later to check in. "Leafwhisker?" You call. "Come in!" He meows. You tell him that your stomach has been feeling weird. "Let me see." He says and puts his paws on your belly. "You having kits!" He says. "What?!" You say with joy. "Three!" He says and takes his paws off. You race out of the den and tell your mate. He's very excited and overjoyed.
  13. That's the end of the quiz!! Hope ya liked it!! Warrior cats! Oh ya!!!! =^_^=

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