Warrior love story #1 *For she cats!*

Hi! Welcome to my first quiz! So in this quiz your name will be Meadowpaw! You are a very attractive white she-cat with golden patches/stripes and one bent ear, you have amber eyes!

Now for those toms chasing after you: Pinepaw, warrior apprentice, sweet and caring, Pinetail, Ashclan Flamepaw, warrior apprentice, brave and funny, Flamestripe, Barkclan Thornpaw, Med cat apprentice, awkward and straight-forward, Thornsmolder, Ashclan Goldenpaw, warrior apprentice, clever and confident, Goldenclaw, Ashclan

Created by: Streamtail
  1. Age?
  2. Gender?
  3. You were just made an apprentice alongside Pinepaw, Goldenpaw, and Thornpaw. Sadly Thornpaw became a medicine cat apprentice but that's okay, right?
  4. Goldenpaw walks over to you, a smile on his face. "Well hello to the most beautiful cat in the clan!" How do you reply?
  5. Goldenpaw smiles at you no matter what your answer, "Well my lovely lady, shall I accompany you to the apprentice den?"
  6. Goldenpaw walks you to the apprentice den but when you get there his mentor calls him. "Goodbye, see you later?" He asks before running off to accompany his mentor. Then you walk in and see a cat sitting in the corner, looking at you shyly. It is Pinepaw, he gestures for you to come sit next to him.
  7. Just as you sit down silverwing (Your mentor) and Weeddrop (pinepaw's mentor) come in. "Pinepaw, Meadowpaw, we're going on a patrol." Pinepaw's eyes shine with delight as he pads over to them.
  8. "Alright, Pinepaw you come with me to the moonclan border while Meadowpaw goes with Weeddrop to the Barkclan border." She flicks her tail for Pinepaw to follow and he does so with one more longing look at you.
  9. When you get to the border Weeddrop tells you to split up and go the other direction. So you do and about halfway you smell another cat, only not from your clan. So you follow the scent into a bush and find a handsome Barkclan apprentice about your age. He gives you a grin, then turns back to what he was doing with a snicker. He then gestures for you to come see, it turns out he was pranking his mentor and didn't realize he crossed over the border but he had a lot of fun with you! As he turns to leave with his very feathery mentor he gives you a lick on the nose and says, "How did I get so lucky to meet the prettiest molly in the world?" Then ran off with his signature grin on his face.
  10. When you get back to camp Thornpaw greets you warmly, asking how your patrol was.
  11. Thornpaw's eyes betray a flash of jealousy but he shakes it off, "You're really pretty!" He blurts out, then looks down in embarrassment.
  12. Goldenpaw then walks over, glaring daggers at Thornpaw. Then he turns to you, "Would you like to share a mouse?"
  13. To be continued!

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