Warrior cat love story quiz part one

Hello and welcome to my love story quiz sorry toms but this is a she-cats only quiz so good bye if you are a tom but look out because I will make a quiz for you.

Right you are named sky breeds you are a very attractive Yong calico she-cat you are a warrior. With three toms following you around do you get fed up of it or not well then lets find out

Created by: Tigfur and rubyfur

  1. how old are you
  2. Your gender
  3. You must be a she-cat to continue
  4. So you are in the forest hunting a mouse when you hear a cat behind you you turn areound once nothing there you hear it again so you do the same thing when.............................
  5. You open your eyes to see that it is dawn and a cat standing over you. You almost screen but then you realise that it is falcon heart. You say
  6. (If you said you scared me this is what happened if not press idk ) oh sorry shybreese I wondered if you would like to join me for a hunt
  7. (If you said were is bluestripe this is for you if not press idk) oh he is over there he jesgered with his tail and looked a little hurt
  8. (If you said what to go hunt this is for you if not press idk) oh I was going to ask the same thing so sure said cheerfully
  9. When you get back from what ever you were doing hpopestar called a clan meeting
  10. As you all know tonight is the gathering the cats that are coming are: skybreese falconheart bluestripe scar firestorm sandheart and etc and my self
  11. Once you got there you noticed that every clan but one was there there was windclan river clan and thunder clan (your clan) you went to sit near the great tree ready for the gathering then shadowclan appeared from no were and down into the gathering cats
  12. You find a shy she-cat to talk to h h hello this is my first gathering as a warrior how about you
  13. The gathering began just as soon as it finished you and shysky are friends now ( the shy she-cat) when you get back the camp is under attack by rouges
  14. And you spot a ............
  16. Who is you favourite so far
  17. And that is it from me see you next time
  18. Comment or rate

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