Warrior cat love story (she-cats only) <3

H so this is my first quiz hope you enjoy it and don't think its that bad uhm so yea you have four toms chasing after you and you must choose one, she-cats only sorry toms

i need to fill the text box sozz lalalallallllaa i like chicken nuggets and i love the warrior books hope you enjoy hehehehehehe sorry need to fill text box

Created by: crackedwing

  1. As you open your eyes, you can smell the milky scent of the nursery and other cats. You can fell your mother alseep beside you and the faint traces of other cats that you don't recognise. You hear a noise outside and decide to take a look and see four tom-kits that look a bit older than you. A golden tom notices you and says "Hey y/n come play with us!) you nod in agreement and the gold tom introduced himself. "my names flamekit" he says "this is jaykit" he points to a silver cat with piercing blue eyes that nodded in greetings. "This is wolfkit" gesturing to a dark gray kit who looked away "and last but not least this is nightkit" flamekit said as the black kit shuffled his paws nervously. "Hi" you say happily. You play all day and remember your apprentice ceremony is tomorrow but your thoughts are wrapped up in:
  2. The next day you and the toms become apprentices! your mentor is the deputy rainwhisker. As your first part of training you got into the forest to get used to the territory. Rainwhisker allows you to choose one cat to take with you who do you choose?
  3. You are now two moons into your training and you have grown closer to each cat. you are put on a hunting patrol with them all and their mentors. As your out hunting your patrol decide to break up and you head to the abandoned twoleg nest but you smell a cat scent you don't recognise. Before you can turn back the way you came, a calico she-cat pins you and you try and fight her off. You call out....
  4. Soon the four toms leap at the rogue and fight her off! The she-cat ran away but not without a few scars. Wolfpaw comes up to you and sniffs your flank and purrs "Your not hurt that's good" he says as rubs his muzzle against yours giving a swift glare at the others.
  5. Jaypaw glares at wolfpaw and licks your fur to smooth it down "luckily we came in time" he said his blue gaze showing warmth
  6. both nightpaw and flamepaw exchange a glare and push in between you and jaypaw and wolfpaw. flamepaw entwines tails with you while nightpaw licks a scratch on your ear where the rogue got you
  7. Your mentors find you and the toms sitting together and fuss over what happened in which you quickly explained. you return to camp and in honour of your bravery you and the toms get your warrior names. Flamepaw becomes flametail, wolfpaw becomes wolfclaw, jaypaw becomes jayheart and nightpaw becomes nightfire. After the ceremony you have time before your vigil in which the four toms ask you to join them at the entrance to the camp. Wolfclaw sits down and says "listen y/n we have all liked you since we were kits and we wanted to know who you liked out of us but before you do we will tell you our best qualities." you sat down as wolfclaw continued, "I am known for strength and ambition" he sits down and looks at flametail who stands up "I'm known for bravery and loyalty" he sits down ear twitching and jayheart stands up "I am wise and caring" he nods at nightfire " I-Im shy and loving" he says nervously. who do you choose?
  8. Did you like this quiz???
  9. Im thinking of making tom version
  10. have a nice day XD

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