Warrior Cats: Love Story

Welcome to my quiz! I'm Nightstream. This quiz is a love story, one of my firsts. And it's for she-cats (girls, if you didn't know) only, sorry you toms out there.

You will be playing as a young she-kit in StoneClan, who develops a crush on a couple young toms (or not, you choose). Be sure to have fun. Enjoy!!! :3

Created by: Nightstream

  1. You are a kit. You open your eyes to see a pretty gray she-cat gazing at you with her deep green eyes. This cat is your mother. (What do you think of her?)
  2. "Hello, my sweet kit," she meows. A dark ginger tabby tom is standing beside your mother, gazing down at you. He shuffles closer to your mother. Your mother smiles at him, then says to you: "This is your Dad, little one." Your dad smiles at you, "What should we name her?" "Her golden tabby pelt is like the dawn sky, and her eyes are such a bright blue. How about we call her Dawnkit."
  3. "That's a good name," Your father replies. "Now," Your mother says to you, "Go meet your littermates, they are already outside." You go outside and see a blue-gray kit with white paws and ears. Is he...
  4. "Hi there, Dawnkit," he meows (he overheard your parents talking so he knows your name). "I'm your brother, Shadekit. We've waited ages for you to wake up. Petalkit"-he angled his ears toward a pale brown she-cat, who is your sister-" and I were wondering if you wanted to play a game of warrior-and-mouse? The game where one cat is the mouse and the other is the warrior and they have to chase the mouse til they catch it." "Sure!" You reply. "We can play where there are two warriors and one mouse," Petalkit added. Shadekit nodded, "I'll be a warrior, Dawnkit would you mind being the mouse?" You nod.
  5. The game begins, and you are soon being chased by your littermates. "I'm gonna get you, little mouse!" Shadekit yowled in a playful tone.
  6. You crash into someone and fall over, the other cat does too. By the size, the cat is a kit, a bit bigger than yourself.
  7. The kit is a tom. He has a brownish-red tabby pelt and gentle, deep green eyes. He scrambled to his paws, "Are you okay?"
  8. The tom helped you to your paws. "Yeah," you answer. The tom gazed into your eyes, then looked away shyly. "My name is Oakkit." "Hi, I'm Dawnkit. Thanks for helping me." "No problem. I-" A tom-kit bounded over.
  9. The new arrival is white with a black muzzle, paws and ear tips and icy blue eyes. The tom was staring straight at Oakkit, then he glanced at you.
  10. "Oakkit, what are you doing crashing into pretty she-cats like that?" the tom asks. You blush at his comment. Oakkit flicked his tail ever so slightly. "I never meant to. Snowkit, it was an accident." Snowkit nodded slowly, "Oh really?" "It was I sw-" Snowkit interrupted with a laugh, "I'm just playing with ya." Oakkit gave Snowkit a look. Snowkit glanced back at you, Oakkit did too.
  11. Snowkit left, his thick tail waving in delight. Oakkit watched til' he had left, then glanced back at you. "Sorry about that." "That's okay."
  12. Shadekit and Petalkit padded over once Oakkit had left. "Where did you guys go?" you asked. Before either one of them could reply, Crowstar's voice called, "All cats old enough to hunt, gather beneath the HighTree for a clan meeting!"
  13. The cats of StoneClan (you're clan) gathered at their leader's command. Crowstar sat up on a branch on a large old tree, the HighTree. You sat down next to...
  14. "Cats of StoneClan," Crowstar began, gazing down at the clan, "Some cats from FireClan has crossed our border. We have given them chances to stop crossing the border, but our chances have been turned away. We must wage battle."

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