Warrior Cats Love Story She-cats. Part 1

This is my first quiz, hope y'all like it. You have three toms interested in you, and you choose who you like. Each has a different personality. This is only the first part.

The toms are... Birchleaf, the kind tom. Pale ginger, almost white with leaf-like eyes. Raintip, the shy medicine cat. Gray with a white belly and gray-blue tail tip, and brown eyes. Duskfur, the strong tom. Dark brown, almost black, with amber eyes.

Created by: IAmATrashBag

  1. You gleam with pride as you listen to your clanmates around you chant your warrior name. You were told to stay silent for your vigil, then were left to guard the camp. It was a cold night. You sighed in relief when you saw the light of dawn. A cat sat next to you, you turned to see a pale ginger, almost white, tom with a rabbit in his jaws. You recognized him as Birchleaf. He turned to you, "Do you want to share?" You and Birchleaf never talked much. Your reaction..
  2. (Accepting his offer)You and Birchleaf eat together, then start talking once you were done. Then Birchleaf asked "Do you want to go hunting?" you..
  3. (Turning down his offer)"Oh, okay.." Birchleaf mewed, sounding disappointed. You pad away toward the medicine den, you push your way through lichen and watch your kithood friend, Raintip, sort his herbs. He heard you walk in and turns toward you, "Hello, (Your name), are you alright?" "Yeah, I just wanted to talk to you. We haven't hung out since we became apprentices." "Yeah, we haven't." You..
  4. (Get lost in his eyes)You look into Birchleaf's soft green gaze. After a while, he mews, "Is... that a yes?" you..
  5. (Saying "Of course" or Nodding on Accepting his offer)Birchleaf smiles, then you follow him out of camp. While hunting, you pass by a border patrol. You see the cat leading it. The deputy, Duskfur. His dark fur was brighter in the bright sunlight. You feel..
  6. (Saying "No thank you" on Accepting his offer)"Oh. Okay, see you later then." You walk away and head to the warriors' den, after all, you didn't sleep last night. You enter the den and choose a nest, careful not to wake the sleeping cats. You make yourself comfortable in a free nest, then fall asleep. Later, you awake to find you've shifted closer to a denmate in your sleep. You move away from the she-cat, careful not to wake her. Unfortunately, your efforts fail, and she awoke. Embarrassed, you...
  7. (Doesn't matter what you chose on Turning down his offer)After talking with your old friend for a while, you feel exhaustion tugging at your paws. You stretch and yawn then...
  8. (Doesn't matter what you chose on Get lost in his eyes)"Let's go then." you follow Birchleaf out of camp and hunt together, you then follow him to another place to hunt, when you start noticing you've passed the clan borders. They were in unknown territory. You stay silent and continue following him, trusting he knows where he's going. Eventually, he pushes through some lichen at the entrance of a hill. You hesitate for a bit but follow him. You push through the lichen and enter a breath-taking cave, there were stones hanging from the top of the cave, they glistened in a way that reminded her of the moonstone. Water flowed from a small stream on the floor, and it stretched out into a pond in the middle of the cave. You see Birchleaf sitting by the pond, and go over to him. You sit next to him and admire the beautiful scenery. He scoots closer to you and wraps his tail around you. You...
  9. (Accepting his offer, Saying yes, part 3, it doesn't matter what you chose)You and Birchleaf head back to camp, being with Birchleaf seemed to boost your energy up, but now that you were back you felt like you could sleep for a moon. You go to the warriors' den and take a nap. You wake up to hearing the leader call a clan meeting. You exit the warriors' den and sit down for the meeting.
  10. (Accepting his offer, saying no, part 3 Doesn't matter what you said) "It's okay." Amberpelt mews quiet enough for only you to hear. Before anyone else can say anything Nightstar calls a meeting and you go out for the meeting.
  11. (Doesn't matter what you said. Turning down his offer part 3) You go to sleep in the warriors' den then awake to Nightstar calling a meeting. You head out and sit down.
  12. (Doesn't matter what you picked. Get lost in his eyes part 3)You and Birchleaf exit the cave, tails entwined. You and Birchleaf paused to look into each other's eyes. Then you went back to camp, getting your prey first, and Nightstar called a meeting. You took separate places and listened to the gathering.
  13. (All the paths)You sit for the meeting, just an apprentice ceremony. You look around, Raintip is sitting near the entrance to his den, glancing at you occasionally. Duskfur is looking at you while sitting at the base of the (Where leader's sit/stand). You turn again, past Amberpelt(The she-cat you sleep next to) is Birchleaf, head turned to the leader but eyes on you. You focus on the leader shyly, feeling the toms' gaze on you.
  14. And... that's it! I don't want too much in one part.

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