*Warrior Cats Love Story:Part Three*

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I’ve seen a lot of Warrior Cats love story’s, but they were almost all for she-cats! What if a tom stumbled on them! Wouldn’t he get disappointed? Well, THIS love story works for both toms and she-cats! I’d also like to say that the OwlClan warrior is NOW AN OPTION!

Here’s some information! Clan: LeafClan Leader: Riverstar Deputy: Thornpelt Med.Cat: Applescar Main Queen: Flowereyes I just want to make something quite clear! When ever you see a “1”, that will stand for your name.

Created by: BookAnimal
  1. Today’s the first day you train your apprentice! Shinepaw asks you if you can start with hunting.
  2. You go out to the clearing and stops. You look at your apprentice and ask...
  3. Shinepaw sniffs the air then looks up at you. “Rabbit. They’re know to be very fast, and can easily get away.” Your response is...
  4. You crouch to the ground and slowly makes your way towards the rabbit. As you pounce, a wind blows your sent at the rabbit. It starts to run away, but you got it. “Woh...” Shinepaw says. You reply...
  5. Shinepaw smiles and smells the air again. “Mouse!” She exclaimed. She then followed your moves, but pounces earlier, landing right on the mouse. “Great job Shine-” You then smell... AN OWLCLAN WARRIOR?! “Do you want me to get a patrol?” Shinepaw asked anxiously. “No, I smell only one. Get back to camp.”
  6. You jump up in the trees all LeafClan cats know how to climb. When you get into a watching position, you see a- SNAKE IN THE TREE!!! Before you fell down, you caught yourself and saw it was a tail. You follow the tail to see- The OwlClan warrior above you and watching you!
  7. As you’re about to howl for a nearby patrol, he shushes you. “I came here to warn your Clan! Our medicine cat Fernpool, got a prophecy that includes ALL Clans!”
  8. You lead the way back to camp. Cats gasp,glare,and growl at you as you bring in the OwlClan warrior. Riverstar leaps down to you. “1! Why have you brought him here?!” Riverstar askes.
  9. “Riverstar,” The warrior says bowing his head, “Our medicine cat, Fernpool, had a prophecy that includes all Clans, yours in particular.
  10. “What’s the prophecy?” Riverstar asked. “An Owl will soar across the sky, seeking the death of others. One by one they’ll go, but no one knows or sees. A Leaf Falls helplessly at its claws, a snake’s venom useless, and the Fern tries to hide. The Owl victorious unless the one with the skills will stop the Owl, controlled by an evil Star.”
  11. Riverstar remained calm, but her eyes were strange. “Alright. Have you already told the other Clans?” Riverstar asked. “Yes.” He says. “1, take him back to his territory.”
  12. As you’re walking, the OwlClan warrior asks you, “You don’t know my name, do you?” You shake your head and he says, “It’s Moonstripe.”
  13. As sun-down comes, you notice that he is a silver tabby, not a gray cat.
  14. When you return back to camp with the rabbit you caught earlier, you grab what piece of prey?
  15. After you take your prey, who do you sit by?
  16. A few minutes after meal time, you go to rest for the night in what nest?

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