Warriorcats lovestory~~~~part2~~~~

Thank you for reading my story and participating. Please, NO scamming and NO mean comments. I'd love if you guys gave helpful hints and point out mistakes. -Falconheart

Thanks for reading my story and please comment if you want me to make the third quiz/story. This is for she-cats and not toms, if your a Tom and take this quiz then you will be dating other toms and that will be weird. If you want me to make a Tom quiz then I will be more than glad to -Falconheart

Created by: Falconheart
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  1. Okay, so we were at, once you return to camp you see a whole hord of_______ attacking your camp! Right?
  2. Once you have returned to camp you see a bunch of rouges attacking cats. You run in quickly and look around for cats to help, you see Mistnose guarding the nursery battling off to muscular toms, leaping you land on one of their backs and latch your teeth into the toms neck fur, he throws you off and runs off screeching in pain. Mistnose has already sent the other one fleeing, "thanks Sunheart!" You dip your head and turn around to see Thunderclaw, Owleyes, and Sparrowwing battling one she-cat and three toms. Soon you hear a loud screech from them and they run off. The battle has ended and your clan won.
  3. You limp over to Thunderclaw and Sparrowwing. Sparrowwing runs towards you and almost knocks you over by pushing his nose into your fur. "Are you okay? You should be going over to see Indigopelt or Shimmerpaw to get your wounds checked." You reply with a nod and a soft purr, "yes I am fine Sparrowwing," you look past him to see Thunderclaw glaring at you two with pure jealousy.
  4. after you tell Sparrowwing your fine for the third time you pad around to look for Owleyes, you see a bundle of brown fur by a Oak tree. Running towards the Oak tree your eyes grow wide with terror as you recognize the long striped tail of Owleyes. "Owleyes!!" You wail as you see his lifeless blank eyes. You push your nose into his blood soaked fur and wail like a kit. You feel Thunderclaw press against you to comfort you as you wail for your lost friend.
  5. You get up and stretch you look at Owleyes lifeless body once more until the elders come and take him away. You pad away your head lowered as your paws drag at the ground. Maplestar comes over and licks your ear. "How about you get some rest?" You nod silently and walk towards the warriors den and fall asleep in your nest.
  6. You wake up to the sound of rain pouring down outside, you see cats running inside to get warm. Sparrowwing pads inside and shakes his pelt before laying down beside you. You felt his tail curl around you.
  7. You wake up to the sound of rain pouring down outside, you see cats running inside to get warm. Sparrowwing pads inside and shakes his pelt before laying down beside you. You felt his tail curl around you.
  8. You wake up and see that Sparrowwing and Thunderclaw have left there nest. You look around for Owleyes but soon remember he is dead. You get up and stretch, padding out of your den you spot Sparrowwing talking to Thunderclaw. Deciding to go out on your own you pad away and walk threw the forest. You near the border where you met the loners, Bone, Robin, and Flower. You sit by the border and curl your tail around your paws looking up at the clouds. The wind ruffles your fur and you smell the scent of a strange cat but you have smelt it before. Getting up your fur starts to bristle and you look around wildly. A white Tom calmly pads out, his fur neatly groomed and his ice blue eyes shine brightly as he nears you.
  9. "Hello Sunheart, remember me?" Your fur lies flat, "yes I remember you Bone. Thanks for saving us from the dogs." Bone shrugged and sat down besides you. "Any cat would've done something like that for such a beautiful she-cat like you." Bone looked at her, his eyes filled with love.
  10. You start to head back to camp and you see Sparrowwing looking at you with disbelief in his eyes. "What?" "What do you mean what?!" Sparrowwing growled, "I saw you with that loner, Bone. You broke my heart Sunheart." Sparrowwings eyes glared at her, his tail lashed uncontrollably and his ears flattened. He ran off towards camp and you stood their starstruck thinking, "first Owleyes and now Sparrowwing
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