Warriorcats Lovestory~~~~part3~~~~

Thank you for reading my quiz and taking it, if you liked it a lot I will probably make a 4th one in my spare time, please comment and add tips and if you found a mistake please tell me- Falconheart

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Created by: Falconheart
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  1. Okay so we were at the part where you upset Sparrowwing by seeing Bone? Correct? (If you say no then go read part 1 and 2 or you WILL be lost)
  2. Okay so we were at the part where you upset Sparrowwing by seeing Bone? Correct? (If you say no then go read part 1 and 2 or you WILL be lost)
  3. You chase after Sparrowwing, the crisp Leafbare leaves crackle under paw as your paws thud across the ground. You start to slow as your muscles grow tired of all that running, you skid to a halt as you hear a low growling sound.
  4. You stop and your ears perk up and your whiskers twitch as your tail lashes back and forth. You realize that wasn't a cats growl but a foxs! The fox leaps out at you, the fox snaps at your neck and scores at your belly as you try to wrench free. The fox soon gets bored and pads off, leaving you on the ground motionless. Your world around you starts to go black.
  5. (Four days from the day you got beaten up) You wake up to see Feathernose lining up herbs and mixing up a herb mixture. Shimmerpaw pads by you and glances at you before spinning around wide eyed, "your awake! Your really awake," Shimmerpaw yowled at Feathernose "she's awake!" "I heard you the first time, Shimmerpaw." Feathernose gave her a stern look and looked gently at you, "how are you feeling?" You lay your head on your paws, "I feel tired." You reply simply and closed your eyes.
  6. You wake up again to see Thunderclaw and Sparrowwing talking quietly to each other, you strain your ears to try to pick up their conversation. "What do you think she's going to say when we tell her about her dad?" "I don't know but the deputy is dead also." "True, who do you think is going to be the new leader?" "I'm not worried about that I'm worried about her reaction." You purr to yourself as you hear that Thunderclaw is worried about you. You stop purring... Were they just saying that my dad... The leader, is dead?! And the deputy?!
  7. "What did you say about my dad?!" You demand as you weakly get up from your bed of moss. The two toms weave over to you and press against your sides to hold you up. "Your awake," Sparrowwing purrs and nuzzles your cheek. Thunderclaw licks your ears gently while purring. You look at them both and repeat again, "what'd you say about my father and the deputy?" They both stop and look at each other, "well your father is... Dead and so is the deputy Mistnose." You shrink back into your nest as Thunderclaw explained that Stoneclan attacked while you were in a coma.
  8. You find your voice and shakily ask, "who is going to be the new leader?" The two toms look at each other and reply at the same time, "you." You gap at them and ask in a high scared voice, "you can't be serious!" Sparrowwing answered, "Feathernose went to the Rockcliff her self and Starclan told her the answer. Sweetfang has been taking over your duties while you were sleeping and getting better."
  9. You walk out of the medicine den with Sparrowwing and Thuunderclaw on each side of you. All the cats look at you while whispering to their clanmates. You spot Frostbite and Shallowclaw watching you with wide eyes and Jaggedclaw glaring at you.
  10. Sparrowwing stops to talk with Jaggedclaw while Thunderclaw leads you on to the rock. You stumble and Thunderclaw grabs your scruff and hauls you the rest of the way. You stand on the ledge looking out at all the cats. You raise your tail and all the cats go silent. "I am your new leader after my fathers death and the deputy, Mistnose. Starclan has chosen me and I will except their choice." You sweep your gaze over the cats.
  11. After your speech you clamber down the rock and stop in front of Sweetfang, "you will be looking after the clan while me and Sparrowwing travel to the Moonpool." Sweetfang nods and turns away respectfully. You pad over to Sparrowwing, "want to travel with me to the Moonpool?" Sparrowwing nods and walks with you out of the tunnel and towards the pool. Sparrowwing purrs and licks your ear, "are you excited about being leader?"
  12. You both got to the Moonpool, you tell him to wait outside while you go in to get your nine lives.
  13. You touch your nose to the water and soon fall asleep. You wake up to see starry cats looking at you with wisdom in their eyes. You search the warriors and soon find who you were looking for, Owleyes, Maplestar, Indigopelt, and Mistnose. You purr and pad forward. "Welcome Sunheart. We have been waiting for you to come and get your nine lives." You dip your head at Maplestars wise words. Owleyes pads forward and touch noses with you. "I give you strength to help others in need." You felt a surge of energy flow threw you and you held back a howl of pain as a shot of fire flew threw you. Owleyes backed away and sat by Mistnose.
  14. Indigopelt padded forward and touched noses with you and gave you a second life, the life of wisdom to lead your clan to the right choice. Maplestar gave you the life of love and Mistnose gave you the life of speed. You got four more lives and woke up. You staggered to your paws and stumbled into Sparrowwing. "Aren't you supposed to be outside?" Sparrowwing licked your shoulder, "I came in to see how you were doing." You purr and Sparrowwing starts to lead you back outside and back to camp.
  15. When your almost over Stoneclans territory you get caught by a border patrol. A silver Tom stands in front of you with two white she-cats blocking Sparrowwings veiw. The Tom told you his name, Ripplewave and you reply nervously, "my name is Sunheart." Ripplewave purrs and says strongly, "for a cute she-cat like you, you know I'm still going to have to chase you off of our territory." You nod dumbly and walk away with Sparrowwing trailing after you.
  16. Stopping right here!!!

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